On the Radar Hoops, Inc
On the Radar Hoops, Inc.


#OTRHoops is the hashtag that we use for all of our On the Radar Hoops events. Listed below is a brief run down of our team with their twitter handles.

Shun Williams

Shun Williams is the owner of On the Radar Hoops, Inc. The On the Radar Hoops Report is picked up by Division I, Division II, Division III, NAIA, and Junior College programs across the country. He serves as the director of the On the Radar Hoops Fall Showcase, On the Radar Hoops Spring Showcase, On the Radar Hoops Invitational, Elite 32  I, Elite 32 II and Power 24.



Brandon Clay

Brandon Clay

Brandon Clay is the Director of Scouting for the OTRHoopsReport.com. Clay is also the owner of Peach State Basketball, Inc., and ProspectsNation.com. Clay has been involved in the community since 2001 as an evaluator, event operator and trainer.



Jonathan Hemingway

Jonathan HemingwayJonathan Hemingway is the Assistant Director of Scouting for the OTRHoopsReport.com. Hemingway has been within the community since 1996 as a coach, evaluator and camp director. He is the owner of Coach Hemingway Basketball, Inc.

Kris Watkins


Kris Watkins has served as the Co-Director of On the Radar Hoops since its inception in 2010. Watkins is a former college and high school basketball coach who now focuses his efforts on working for numerous media outlets including OnTheRadarHoops.com, PeachStateBasketball.com and ProspectsNation.com. Watkins helps direct the Fall and Spring On the Radar Showcases and is the video editor for the On the Radar Hoops Feature Player Evaluations.


Marques Burnett

Marques stepped right in to the #OTRHoops Media Group during the Fall of 2012. He’s responsible for all of our On the Radar Hoops streamed games iHigh


Ty Freeman


Ty Freeman joined On the Radar Hoops Media in the fall of 2011 providing us with crisp photos that are used with all of our post- event recaps. He has quickly become the grassroots game’s number one supplier with kids from all over the country using his pictures as their social media avatars.