2025 Standouts from On the Radar’s The Opening

Woodstock, Georgia- On the Radar’s “The Opening” kicks off an 18 tournament AAU season going deep into July. This weekend’s tournament took place March 18-19 in northwest Georgia and featured many of the southeast’s best travel teams. The Opening gave a preview of which teams to track and a peak on who some of the next upcoming prospects.

By: Jennifer Brazelton


2025 | Jayden Bell | Team Power

The 6′ guard out of Butler High School, Jayden Bell, is a name to know in the class of 2025. Was one of the most effective scorers from his class that I saw across the two day event. Bell has incredible confidence in his shot making ability as well as his ability to get to the basket effectively. Bell put up 22 points and knocked down 4 3’s against a versatile Team Huncho. Bell has a very high clip and will be a prospect to watch this travel season.


2025 | Caesar Burrows | Wood Elite

The 6’2″ point guard out of Walton High School, Caesar Burrows, has become a well known name across the state. Burrows can beat you inside or out, and is a poised and high IQ player. Burrows has a smooth and controlled game about him that can score in bunches quickly. Has a very high ceiling and can see an uptick in his recruitment with a strong core of players around him on Wood Elite.


2025 | Sawyer Griffin | Team Person

The 6’3″ shooting guard out of Devyne Stephen’s Academy had one of the best shooting performances this weekend. Griffin connected on 8 3’s in his teams 59-52 win over the Atlanta Timberwolves, finishing the game with 24. Griffin has a nice catch and shoot game and an incredibly high clip.


2025 | Maki Joyner | Team Huncho

The Savannah guard, Maki Joyner, had an impressive high school season and that has transferred over to the early part of the travel season. Joyner is a versatile 3-level scorer that should be on college coaches watch list. Does well getting down hill fast and can score well at the basket confidently. On an impressive Team Huncho squad, Joyner will be a player to keep an eye on as he makes waves through the 3SSB circuit.


2025 | Mekhi Ragland | Team Huncho

The 6’10” Berkmar center, Mehki Ragland, opened up the game against Team Power with a smooth 3-ball and kept it flowing the rest of the game. Ragland can shoot it well from anywhere on the court and moves well inside for a bigger player. Ragland also has a nice and soft touch inside that makes it easy for quick put backs. Ragland will see a significant uptick in his recruitment this season with his current skillset and high ceiling.


2025 | Lawrence Sanford | Wood Elite

The 6’2″ guard out of Cherokee High School, Lawrence Sanford, made a significant impact this high school season and it’s already trickled over this season with his Wood Elite team. In a very competitive and chippy match-up, Sanford stayed poised and continued to play within his game. Sanford does well shooting from a spot-up 3 or getting down hill and scoring around the basket; handles the ball effectively and makes the right play. Confident player for a young guard that will see his stock continue to rise heading into his junior year.


After serving on college coaching staffs and working at several universities in the Southeast, Jennifer Brazelton joined On the Radar Hoops as a National Evaluator in April 2022. She has been involved in the Georgia basketball community since 2015 and can be reached at JenniferRBrazelton@gmail.com or on Twitter @jenbrazeIton.