Big Southout Shootout Standouts – January 7, 2020

Christian Williams of Peachtree Ridge (GA) came up big in a win for the Lions. Photo – Ty Freeman

Atlanta, Ga– At events like the Big South Shootout at Holy Innocents, it was a good chance to look into the future and see who basketball fans will be following in years to come. This event gave a quality look at underclassmen who will inevitably see their recruitment pick up as the summer months approach.

Miles Kelly (Lilburn, Ga) – Parkview – 2021

This 6-foot-4 wing is one of the more promising prospects in the junior class. He is a young prospect with a high basketball IQ, good skill set and plenty of potential. He has the ability to knock down open threes, hit mid-range pull ups and get to the rim on the break where he can finish with either hand. He is a versatile defender who can make plays in full court pressure situations and also lock up opposing scorers in the half-court.

Christian Williams (Duluth, Ga) – Peachtree Ridge – 2020

Williams excels as a shooter from the perimeter and his accuracy from outside serves to stretch defenses. He has a very efficient shooting stroke with no wasted motion and He also does a good job as a spot up shooter from the mid-range area of the floor as well as from beyond the three-point stripe. He does a good job of staying within himself on the offensive end and takes advantage of scoring chances without forcing up difficult, contested shots.

Navaughn Maise (Duluth, Ga) – Peachtree Ridge – 2021

Maise gets your attention right away with his constant activity. He is always around the action attempting to make a play. He hits the glass on both ends and is extremely hard to box out because of the energy and effort he gives. What makes him a good prospect is his non-stop motor and the way he competes along with is rapidly improving skill.

Shawn Smith (Newton, Ga) – Newton – 2020

Smith is a strongly built combo-guard that knows how to play. He showed he can run the team from the point guard position or play off the ball and assume the scoring responsibilities from the shooting guard spot. He uses his size and strength to rebound his position and defensively he has the potential to be a lockdown defender.

Kendall Campbell (Lilburn, Ga) – Meadowcreek – 2022

Easily one of the best forward’s in the sophomore class. Campbell continues to get better each time I see him. He’s a face-up four-man with an inside-out skill set and explosive athleticism. Campbell has a good shooting stroke and can knock down open three’s or elevate over the defense for his mid-range pull-up and can also be very smooth getting to the rim at times.

Marcellious Lockett (Carrollton, Ga) – Carrollton – 2021

There are some guys who have the knack for getting to the rim. Lockett is certainly one of those players. Give him a crack and he’s able into split the seam and get all the way to the rim to either score or find teammates around the basket. This is a tough-minded player who doesn’t shy away from any form of contact and he has a chance to be a lock down defender.

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