OTR Hoops: Sweet Sixteen – Day 1 Standouts and Notes – May 18, 2024

The Live Period is here, and, On the Radar Hoops, scouts are flooding the scene across the greater Atlanta area. Teams from across the Southeast region is on full display putting in the hard work. Here is who stood out on the opening night of the Sweet Sixteen.

By: Ross Van De Griek

2026 6-1 SG Luke Mayberry (SE Elite Black)

The 6-1 sophomore guard was in full attack mode whether he was finishing effectively on both sides of the rim or his will to shoot from behind the arc. Mayberry adds an unselfish edge that goes unmatched where he can defend multiple positions and play with a ton of versatility as well as be an undersized rebounder on the glass. Look for Mayberry to continue to make huge strides as the rest of the summer rolls on as well as he heads into his junior season.

2026 6-3 SG Asa Kohn (SE Elite Black)

Kohn, listed as a 6-3 shooting guard has become more comfortable when it comes to playing off the ball as well as dictating the pace of the game where he creates his own shot at a high level. When he does have the basketball in his hands, Kohn is unafraid when it comes to scoring on all three levels. I fully expect Kohn’s game to continue to grow as he gains more confidence where he can be very effective in a variety of ways.

2027 6-0 CG Jace Edwards (AJ Bouye Elite)

Edwards, A 6-0 freshman combo guard has a great skill set where he plays with size and speed off the ball. Edwards does everything well when it comes to stuffing the stat sheet whether it’s his ability to score, rebound, or assist. I have had high praise for Edwards for the last couple of months as he doesn’t shy away from his game and continues to make the right decisions on the offensive end. On the defensive end, Edwards was very active in the passing lanes where he can get tips and steals which led to baskets on the offensive end.

2027 6-4 Wing Jace Smith (AJ Bouye Elite)

Smith is the true definition of a versatile athlete where he is all over the floor on both ends where he is either diving for the 50-50 ball or rebounding well from the weak side. Smith is also very energetic when it came to jumping the passing lanes where he finished with the best of them in transition. Excited to see the growth in Smith’s game as he still has three more years of playing high school basketball following the summer.

2026 5-11 PG Jayden Prosper (Strive 4 Excellence)

Prosper, A 5-11 sophomore guard has a versatile skill set where he can stroke it from behind the arc whether it’s off the bounce or catch. Has a ton of fluidity in his game and he can play at a high level. On the defensive end, Prosper can play off the ball as well as making the right reads and jumps the passing lanes. On the offensive end, Prosper also has strong intangibles to get to the rim as well as having a sweet shooting stroke from the perimeter. His versatility on the defensive end has also continued to improve.

2027 6-1 SG James Nowells (Florida Rebels 2027)

Nowells, A 6-1 freshman shooting guard left it all on display in the back-and-forth win over Southeast Elite Black. Nowells finished with a game-high 29 points including knocking down a team-high five 3-pointers. His offensive skillset has continued to improve as he has played with a ton of confidence throughout the spring. Excited to see the growth in Nowell’s game as the spring and summer continue to roll on.

2026 6-4 SG Cameron Jackson (GA Stunners)

Not a lot of 6-4 guards can get to the rim the way Jackson did on the Opening Night of the Sweet Sixteen. Jackson can punish you in a variety of ways on the offensive end where he can be effective off the bounce as well as the catch. On the defensive end, Jackson was very wiry and bouncy where he had a strong nose for the passing lanes as well as challenging shots above the rim.

Ross Van De Griek has been a Southeast Region Scout for On The Radar Hoops since January 2024. He has been involved in basketball scouting since 2022. You can reach him via email at rossvdg14@gmail.com or follow him on X/Twitter @RossVDG14.