Standouts from On the Radar’s Sweet Sixteen Session 1 (Part 3)

Marietta , Georgia- On the Radar’s ‘Sweet Sixteen Session 1’ was the first NCAA Live Period of the travel season. Back in northwest Georgia and surrounding schools, this Live Period featured many of the southeast’s best travel teams. Offers and interests have picked up significantly following this first Live Period with another Live Period coming up next weekend where college coaches will begin to hone in on the reoccurring standouts.

By: Jennifer Brazelton


2024 | X’Zavion McCoy | Q6 All-Stars Elite

The 5’10” point guard, X’Zavion McCoy, kept the tempo up for Q6 All-Stars Elite. The squad place fast and with McCoy at the lead guard spot got the offense rolling quickly. McCoy and Blount were a solid pair, feeding back and forth to each other; understanding the pick and pop or flare, at the end of the play one of them was making the shot. McCoy showed he had a high clip from deep or was able to find Blount backdoor for a dunk or easy lay-up. McCoy is a high IQ guard that understands his role and how to run the offense.


2024 | Trey Murray | Born to Win

Trey Murray has been mentioned by each of our scouts almost every week so far this travel season and for good reason. Coming off an impressive high school season, Murray continues to prove he’s a high scoring guard that can hit from 3 or make a seamless play at the basket. Murray is a smooth player that goes under the radar with his effortless ability and knack for the game. Murray spaces the floor and if he’s not making the shot, always finds his players open for a basket. High IQ player that can fit in nicely at the next level.


2024 | Darrion Sutton | Young & Reckless

Sutton’s offers continue to roll-in after an impressive debut at the On the Radar Sweet Sixteen Session 1 NCAA Live Period. Sutton is an impressive 6’10” wing that can score it from anywhere on the court. Sutton can get to the basket in 1 dribble from outside the arc and glides in effortlessly with his footwork and control. Did well finishing around the basket and was able to finish with  either hand as well as switch hands mid-air. Sutton is confident taking the ball up the court and dropping assists to teammates cutting to the basket. Did well staying engaged in plays until the final result yielded a steal or basket. Big time stock riser heading into the summer.


2024 | Ibrahima Traore | Showtime Elite

Ibrahima Traore is a 6’10” power forward that should be on college coaches radars. Traore has gotten stronger this off season and has truly honed in his craft. Traore is pure muscle and can out rebound and jump each of his opponents consistently. In the match-up against Darrion Sutton, Traore held his own and did well protecting the rim. Traore does a nice job using his body and has improved his footwork around the rim. Has gotten to be automatic around the basket once fed inside the paint. I expect his recruitment to see an uptick as we continue into the travel season.


2025 | Ezekiel Udozorh | Born to Impact Elite

Ezekiel Udozorh is a sneaky athletic guard that was electric in games. On a solid Born to Impact Elite squad, Udozorh continually stood out with his speed and tenacious defenses, and finishing aggressively at the rim. Udozorh showed he had a great motor and can get by defenders and muscle in through contact. Shot the ball well consistently from outside off the catch and is a crafty finisher inside of 15 feet.


2024 | Kymel Williams | Atlanta All-Stars

2024 6’2″ guard, Kymel Williams, was impressive all weekend for the Atlanta All-Stars. Williams has come off an impressive high school season at Athens Academy and is a high scoring, relentless guard. He’s been making the notebooks of scouts and college coaches for his scoring capability at all three levels and his pursuit of the ball on the boards and on defense. Williams is the engine behind the All-Stars running the offense and getting his team going. A very high IQ player that has the skill and knowledge to make an impact at the next level.


After serving on college coaching staffs and working at several universities in the Southeast, Jennifer Brazelton joined On the Radar Hoops as a National Evaluator in April 2022. She has been involved in the Georgia basketball community since 2015 and can be reached at or on Twitter @jenbrazeIton.