Sweet 16 Session II – 17U Notebook – May 3, 2021

Atlanta, GA– Recruitment has been hard for high school players this past season. This has affected many, while leaving many others concerned about their chances to be evaluated by a college program.

The On the Radar Hoops Sweet 16 Showcase Session II was loaded with coverage and an opportunity for players to earn exposure. These players in the 17U division really made sure to put out their best effort in hopes of catching someone’s attention.

By:Robert Alfonso Jr.

Here are some players who have taken the moment to make waves.

2022 Devin Story (Atlanta Lightning) should be defined as a high-level sniper. This shooting guard shoots it at a level where during a normal Live period would immediately come with offers. There is not a shot on the floor he cannot make. His ability to get shots off against defenders is impressive. On an average, Story is knocking down five three-pointers a game. Look for the scope and shooting to become more fluid as the travel season continues.

2022 Kolby King (Team Breakdown) is the lead Wolf on the court. This point guard plays the position like a general in charge of troops. He is full steam ahead and takes advantage of angles. King is the catalyst that makes the Florida program go. Talent and skill are trending upward.

2022 Bryson Ogletree (AJ Bouye Elite) has the heard of a lion. He plays with a motor opponents cannot match. His desire to beat them on either end of the floor seems to drive him. Ogletree is a slasher who has a nose for the ball. He plays above the rim and lock down defense.

2022 Jayden Williams (1 Family) has all the skills a college program would like in a player. He is spot up shooter and keeps opponents on their heels when guarding him. Williams’ consistency on the perimeter helps open up other parts of his game. His skill is at a need many college programs seek.

2022 Kobe Davis (AJ Bouye Elite) is a smooth point guard. He creates in ways that are difficult to guard. The lefty plays on his toes and is always applying pressure. He knocks down shots and put teammates in great scoring opportunities. Davis is a relentless competitor.

2022 Gavin Stevens (Tennesse Bobcats) is fun to watch. He plays hard on both end of the floor. His ability to finish through traffic and pressure is impressive. Stevens can also knockdown mid-range shots. When a college coach gets a chance to see him they will immediately like in what they see in Stevens.

2022 Falentha Carswell (OTP Basketball) is a prospect who will grab your attention once spotted. He is a towering 6-foot-9 grown man. His desire to be a back to the basket player makes him a rare post player. There is a lot to like about Carswell, who has a high ceiling.