#Sweet16 – SC Elite team spotlight – May 11, 2015

SC Elite forward Najee Garvin made a name for himself at the Sweet 16. Photo Cred: Courtney Davis

College coaches were lined up along the courts at the On the Radar Hoops Sweet 16 to watch the guard oriented South Carolina Elite. Here is a rundown on their success from last weekend.

Dyshane Murphy

He is cat quick with a tight handle as he pushes the ball in transition at high speeds. He has a laundry list of dribble moves and he can beat pressure at will. Jones can penetrate and kick or drive draw and quick to find the open man on a regular basis.

Jason Rumph

This 6-foot-6 forward showed the ability to run the floor and finish above the rim. Rumph is a good rebounder, especially on the offensive end where he was effective at keeping the ball alive gaining extra possessions for his team. He can guard both the small and power forward positions.

Tyler Brevard

Brevard Is a tough athletic guard that did a great job of pushing the ball in transition either finding open teammates for easy buckets or finishing around the rim.

Xavier McDaniel

He is an inside/outside guy that can kill you from both places. He is relentless on the glass and in transition where he can use his strength to overpower the opposition. He showed he is a threat from the 3, but is very comfortable posting up a smaller defender or driving by a bigger slower match-up to get a higher percentage shot.

Najee Garvin

Garvin made a name for himself in the first in the first session of the Elite 32. At the small forward position he sprints to the glass from the perimeter at full speed, making it very difficult for him to be boxed out. Also when he is around the basket he uses his quickness and just beats other players to the ball.

Footage provided by: Atlanta Hoops TV

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