Undersized & Underrated Georgia Prospects – April 20, 2020

Najhae Colon is one of the best on ball defenders in the state of Georgia. 

Atlanta, Ga – It’s always nice to have guys with plus positional size and that’s something college coaches desire, but that doesn’t mean smaller players should be counted out. Even if a prospect lacks size compared to others, I’ve always held the opinion that if they can produce and prove themselves against quality competition and significant size, the height they’re listed at shouldn’t matter. Here are 5 prospects in Georgia that face the challenges of being overlooked because of their size but have been big helps to any teams they play on.

By: Trent Markwith

5’7” PG Khi Cook (2021/Greenforest/Team Forrest)

Despite being likely to be the shortest guy on the court whenever he steps on the floor, Cook leaves his imprint on the game with great energy and activity. He is a pest defensively, flying around each and every possession looking to force turnovers. Cook is extremely quick and stays in front of guys well, but will also come out of nowhere and sneak up on ball-handlers to get a steal and ignite transition. His speed and quickness help him on offense as well; he can get past initial defenders and then spray out to shooters, or get all the way to the basket before a shot-blocker can get to him. He has figured out how to be very productive for a guy his height because of his motor and dedication to defense.

5’10” PG Najhae Colon (2021/Kell/Georgia Stars)

Colon has built a reputation as one of the better on-ball defenders in the state and brings it defensively every game. He doesn’t gamble, keeps his hands and feet active, and also understands how to use his body without fouling. While he excels on defense, Colon is a viable offensive threat as well. He has continued to add consistency to his outside shot and showed he was capable of hitting important 3’s last summer and during the high school season. Although he’s naturally a PG, he has shown the ability to mix well with exceptional lead guards like Scoot Henderson and Sutton Smith. Colon provides teams with nice intangibles with toughness, energy, and impressive vocal leadership also. The heart and determination he plays with makes up for physical shortcomings.

5’11” PG Broc Bidwell (2021/West Forsyth/Atlanta Allstars)

Bidwell has been putting up big numbers for West Forsyth since he was a freshman and has found a good fit for this summer with the Atlanta Allstars. Although he isn’t the tallest or most athletic guard, Bidwell is tough, smart, and highly skilled. Shooting is Bidwell’s best attribute right now; he has deep range, a quick release, and is comfortable taking almost any type of shot you could think of. His shooting ability opens up driving opportunities where Bidwell is a crafty finisher and not afraid of contact. He has to handle a lot of the scoring load for West Forsyth but is also a willing passer with good vision. Added strength helped Bidwell this past year and he has always been a guy who wants the ball in big moments. His recruitment has picked up recently and he should be watched a lot in July.

6’5” F DeShon Proctor (2021/Sandy Creek/Atlanta Allstars)

The lone forward included in this piece, Proctor may only be 6’5”, but has a grown-man build and plays like one. Him and Bidwell will team up on the Atlanta Allstars this summer. With a chiseled frame, quick & powerful leaping ability, and a 6’10”, Proctor has multiple attributes that help to negate the height he gives up in some matchups. While he provides bruising physical play inside, Proctor has expanded to being able to step out on the wing and slash in straight lines to the basket off 1-2 dribbles. He moves very well which results in an effective rim-runner and a guy who can switch onto guards and defend them effectively. Proctor also has some touch and feel for positioning within the paint, pairing nicely with Jabari Smith for Sandy Creek. His hard-nosed, active style is one coaches should appreciate.

5’5” PG Syncere Harris (2022/Mount Vernon/Inspire Atlanta)

Most people probably write off Harris as soon as they see him. If Mount Vernon Head Coach Tarrik Mabon didn’t tell me about him going into last summer, I may have been guilty of such an assumption too. That being said, Harris quickly made me a believer in June of 2019 and had solid showings when I watched him during the 2019-20 season as well. Similar to the way Cook, Harris gets himself going and sets the tone for his team with his effort on the defensive end. He hounds ball-handlers the full length of the court and reads their movements very well. Offensively, he has a reliable shot, but mainly focuses on using his speed to get in the lane and find his teammates. Harris is also a guy who understands the limitations that come with his size; you won’t see him forcing tough shots inside over bigger players. His last 2 years alongside Chase Clemmons in the MV backcourt should be good ones.

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