OTR Hoops: Summer Jam Sunday Standouts @JHillsman – April 24, 2024

Summer Jam Recap

Sunday Standouts from Marietta High School

By: Joel Hillsman

2027 Justin Wise– Georgia Stars EYBL 2027 (Pictured above); Wise future is very bright. He is a knockdown shooter and shoots the basketball from anywhere on the floor, communicates well on both ends of the floor and when not shooting he is making the extra pass or hitting the glass to end a defensive possession or allow for an offensive second chance opportunity. Wise displayed his work on his attacking drives to the basket and made difficult shots with contact around the rim. Get accustomed to hearing this name often.

2027 Janon Singh– Team Huncho: In two full games that we tracked Singh he averaged 16 points and 8 rebounds. The lanky forward has good hands and touch around the rim, is extremely active on the glass and contests everything on defense. The ceiling is high for Singh and his development could be seen weekly throughout the travel season.

2025 Thomas McBride– Team Dickerson: McBride seems to be coming into his own over the travel season. McBride has seen a jump in both scoring and rebounding and with that jump he continues to play very well off the ball. As his mid-range shooting continues to improve, he will become dangerous in the screen roll and pick and pop actions. During Summer Jam McBride averaged around 18.5 points, 5.5 rebounds and 1.3 assists.

2025 Fallou Dioum– All Georgia Elite; Dioum presents an inside presence that must be accounted for. He aggressively rebounds and has showed off improved touch around the rim offensively. Defensively he has a motor that contests everything, dives on the floor for loose balls, blocks shots and walls up against opponents. Dioum will soon be hard to handle on both ends as he continues to develop.

2026 Trae Nunn– ISO JOE EYCL; Nunn has an overall game that is not predicated on just one thing. He can put pressure on the defense by attacking the basket or he can step out and knock down perimeter shots. He can guard the opponent’s best player, rebound at a high clip, makes the extra pass, and facilitates. Whatever is needed for that game Trae Nunn possesses it.

2025 Kam Stone– ATL Pivot; Kam is a savvy lefty guard that players bigger than his size. Stone possesses a high IQ for the game, can get to the basket at will under control, shoots it from the perimeter, and gets everyone involved. Stone is highly active defensively and uses his quickness to his advantage when opponents think they have spotted a mismatch, which leads to strips and steals that start the break.

2027 Marcus Curry Jr– Georgia Starts EYBL 2027; Curry is a long, lanky athletic player that runs the floor well and attacks the basket with no regard for opponents. Curry also displayed a soft touch on some floaters and hit some perimeter shots. His motor and athletic ability allows him to alter and block shots and grab rebounds at a high clip.

2026 Jordan Harris– ISO JOE EYCL; Harris is an athletic attacking player who plays for and finishes through the contact. Harris converted multiple And 1’s and hit the glass on both ends. Harris had a knack of attacking the baseline with immense success and defended well while using his length to his advantage.