The NCAA is shrinking the days that college coaches can see players play. It is as important as ever to play at events that are well attended by teams and coaches alike. On the Radar Hoops track record is littered with marque match-ups and jam-packed coach baselines.


Players who play well should be recognized for their efforts. Even the best players in the country need to have the most important people watch them in a competitive atmosphere. On the Radar Hoops events have relationships with college coaches, the votes and the access to promote the biggest names in the game. McDonald’s All-American and Naismith Player of the Year voters are regularly in attendance for OTR’s biggest match-ups. National publications such 247 Sports, Rivals.com and The Athletic routinely make a stop to take in the action at our tournaments and camps. Players from the Southeast region are adequately represented in national rankings on an annual basis.


On the Radar Hoops events are best able to match up teams from shoe circuits versus each other or against the top independent ball teams. In an age where it seems that the competition is polarized based upon what circuit you play on, OTR events are able to match-up teams for the best games for the college coaches to view.

Work With Those Who Work With The Coaches

The #OTRHoopsReport Scouting Service is an in-house department that reports directly to the college coaches. Our relationships with coaches range from every Power 5 Conference nationally down to regional NAIA schools. Our scouts deliver reports after each event on players who performed well and those who showed potential. The #OTRHoopsReport team is committed to connecting the dots to help those on both sides of the baseline.