OTR Power 24 – Day 2 Standouts – July 18, 2023

Kenan Parrish 7’0 C 2024 Garner Road

This 7-footer with the college ready body will be reclassifying into the 2024 class and attending Northfield Mount Herman to polish up his skill set.  He moves well for his size due to not having heavy feet. He wasn’t shy about shooting the baseline jumper, and he most certainly will lay the wood on you if you try to come down the lane while he’s in the paint.

Hedrens Bartelus 6’5 W 2024 SouthFL Elite

A jumping jack that might have been the best back door cutter that we have seen in a few weeks.  He moves a ton without the ball and as soon as his man looses sight of him Hendrens will take off back door which lead to some nice crowd pleasing dunks.  Including one down the middle of the lane on top of the head of a 7fter. The athletic wing has a pair of very active hands and he came up with steals from shooting the gap defensively.

Kevin Curtis 6’10 C 2026 Atl Xpress

A prospect you should hear about in the future is the 6’10 Curtis of Atl Xpress. The obvious is that he must improve on his strength, but he keeps the ball high, runs the floor well, and he blocks shots with either hand.  At this point Curtis is a blank canvas with time and potential to be molded into a good player.

Jonathan Sanderson 6’2 PG 2026 Midwest Basketball Club

This kid was simply fun to watch as he lead his team in battle against a bigger opponent. Sanderson is scrappy, plays with moxy, he’s vocal, and he can get hot at any movement. He’s the type of player that loves to compete and doesn’t shy away from the moment.

Jordan Tillery 6’5 WF 2024 Team Florida

Playing without his big man and weekend running mate Sammy Yeanay, Tillery stepped up and put his team on his back.  He was in attack mode from the time he checked into the game as he constantly found himself at the free throw line.  In the second half he was unstoppable off the dribble no matter who they threw at him as a defender.  As a play maker he was magnificent, absolutely making everyone else on the floor better as he walked away with a win.

Jacob Zhu 5’10 PG Team Person

At first glance Zhu doesn’t look like much of a player, but as things got rolling so did the pesky point guard.  He was too quick to be crowded, shot it too well to be left alone.  With a low dribble he was able to be a one-man press, while at the same time he made his fellow guard look like a star as he got him the rock in all the right places.  Zhu is definitely worth the watch despite his small stature, at least UCF thinks so as they extended an offer after watching him play.

Cole Kirouac 6’10 C 2024 Atl Xpress

Kirouac has grown leaps and bounds this spring & summer.  Finishing above the rim more, he’s been able to find his way to the FT line, & defensively he’s a big presence. He’s also grown and now stands 6’10. Colleges have been starting to take notice as he’s received a few offers in the last couple of weeks.

Garrison Hildebrant 6’6 WF 2024 Team Carroll Premier

A transition dynamo. Hildebrant ran the lanes like he was shot out of a cannon, finishing in a variety of ways with either hand.  He has a knack for finding the gaps in the defense and with a powerful first step she can she’s through the lane without using a ton of dribbles.

Kerry Willis is a contributor to On the Radar Hoops