2030 Top 4 Standouts from B2BN All-American Camp

Lawrenceville, GA – Born to Ball Nation hosted their annual Born to ball Nation All-American Camp at Central Gwinnett High School featuring players from the classes of 2028-2033 from across the southeast. Several players stood out during the camp and made it on to the All-Star Team in each class. This series will feature the top 5 standouts from the classes of 2028-2031 who stood out both days during the camp overall.

By: Jennifer Brazelton



2030 | Josiah Dempsey


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2030 Josiah Dempsey was an easy standout in his class. Dempsey has a calmness about his game and he plays within himself. Dempsey connected on several nice step backs and euro steps within five feet of the basket. Dempsey showed he could play without the ball and understood how to read back door cuts for easy points.


2030 | Messiah Lancaster


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2030 Messiah Lancaster plays with a confidence I haven’t seen many other 6th graders have. Lancaster is a larger guard that is able to muscle his way inside and utilize his strength to score in bunches. Lancaster did a good job posting up smaller defenders and using his body and footwork to score inside.


2030 | Tallen Pinson

2030 guard Tallen Pinson was aggressive and assertive getting to his spots and scoring when needed. Pinson was confident with the ball and shot it well from outside. Pinson was also active defensively, creating steals and scoring in transition in 5 v 5 play.


2030 | RJ Reynolds


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2030 RJ Reynolds is a crafty guard that used his hesitation dribbles to get by defenders. Reynolds was also able to pull-up from deep; connecting on several outside jumpers and at the mid-range. Reynolds understands how to use his length to get past players inside and score over taller defenders.


After serving on college coaching staffs and working at several universities in the Southeast, Jennifer Brazelton joined On the Radar Hoops as a National Evaluator in April 2022. She has been involved in the Georgia basketball community since 2015 and can be reached at JenniferRBrazelton@gmail.com or on Twitter @jenbrazeIton.