Baseline to Sideline Notes from OTR Sweet 16 Session I – April 24, 2023

Douglasville, GA – The first session of the NCAA Live Period was packed with talented players in all age divisions. On the Radar Hoops puts together tremendous matchups allowing for players to earn some exposure, regardless of age group. Here are some players we felt had a good showing.


By Robert Alfonso Jr. 


James Fason II | 2026 | AE5 Gold


This rising sophomore was solid all weekend. He was active around the glass on both ends of the floor. His footwork and hands allowed him to set the tone about the defense. Fason contributed in every aspect. He impacted the game more without the ball needing to be in his hands. His growth will be fun to watch as it develops throughout the travel season.


Marcis Ponder | 2026 | Team Breakdown


A big 6-foot-11 prospect is always on a college basketball coaches wish list. They want one who moves well, rebounds, and is capable of dominating the interior. Well, make sure to take note of Mr. Ponder. This young man has all the tools to make a big impact in the class. He has great hands and feet. His ability has set him apart from other players this past weekend. 


Kentrel Agnew | 2026 | Tier 2 Elite


The ability of a true point guard is understanding how to run a team. Agnew’s performance shows he knows the responsibilities required and the skills needed to be a quality floor general. There were moments when he was directing the offense like a veteran. He makes solid decisions and is not rattled by much pressure. The court vision and leadership skills he has now will continue to grow throughout every game this season.


Desmond Harrington | 2027 | Atlanta Celtics


Harrington is not easy to miss on the court. At 6-foot-6, this young man has all the tools few players have at his age. He is long, with a motor. His ability to pass out of double teams or make moves inside showed he understands the game. The feel for the game is important. Once Harrington’s game continues to develop, he will truly garner enough attention where opponents may not have an answer for him. This weekend teams experienced this playing against him.


Andre Dupree | 2026 | SBA Warriors 2026


Here is a name many will learn about long before his senior year. Dupree is a hard-nose player with the ability to get downhill and in the lane whenever he wants to running the offense. His desire to play defense was impressive enough to cause disruption. He will continue to grow throughout this summer because he is playing with a bigger purpose. 


Note: Robert Alfonso Jr is an evaluator and coach with plenty of experience. He has more than two decades of experience between covering college basketball as a beat writer, to coaching on the high school and travel basketball circuit. You can follow him and his work on Twitter: @bts_report