On the Radar’s Freshman Academy Standouts (Part 3)

Sugar Hill, GA – On the Radar hosted the Freshman Academy camp on Sunday, October 8th at Lanier High School. With over 100+ prospects from the class of 2027, our team of scouts were able to check-out who will be some of the best up and coming prospects to begin their high school careers in Georgia and around the southeast.

By: Jennifer Brazelton


2027 | Tristan Mitchell | The Paideia School


What first stood out with Tristan Mitchell was his ability to pickup new drills quickly in station work. Many of the coaches were impressive with his ability to understand and execute the drills, and that quickly ran into 5 v. 5 games during the afternoon. Mitchell is a very high IQ lead guard that makes the right reads and decisions when he’s in possession of the basketball. Mitchell did well downhill and utilizing his body and being able to angle himself well to score. Mitchell is a highly competitive guard that is able to put his team in a winning position.


2027 | Anthony Moon | Pebblebrook


The 6’6″ forward, Anthony Moon, stood out amongst our scouts not only for his size, but his ability and understanding of the game at his age. Moon has a developed skill set and understanding of his role when on the court. Moon stayed active inside on both ends; from protecting the rim and the basket defensively, to making automatic lay-ups and dunks on the offensive size. Moon is going to be a strong force and paired with a strong backcourt, will be able to help put Pebblebrook in a great position this season.


2027 | John Morris | Tri-Cities High School

John Morris is a forward that made a significant impact when he was in the game. Morris dominated inside on both ends for his team and understood what was needed to catch the eyes of scouts in the building. Morris has a solid frame and did well utilizing his body to get inside and score despite being fouled. Morris had a calm mentality that allowed his game to speak for itself. Morris stayed engaged and easily averaged a double-double each game. As Morris continues to develop on a very strong high school team, his stock will only continue to rise the next four years.


2027 | Janon Singh | Berkmar High School


Janon Singh has stood out this summer at camps, and especially so this past Sunday at the Freshman Academy. The 6’4″ wing did well creating his shot inside and around the arc. Sing has a high release and is able to guard the ball well with his long frame. Singh also showed he could knock down some pull-ups at the mid-range and floaters inside over taller opponents. As Singh continues to increase his confidence he has the potential to be an offensive threat at Berkmar for years to come.


2027 | Adric Torres | Hampton High School


The 5’6″ guard out of Hampton High School was one of the most impressive players for his stature. Torres is a smaller guard but has figured out ways to score the ball from just about anywhere on the court. Torres had a few possessions back-to-back where he drained a 3, and a pair of possessions when he was able to attack the basket and angle his shot in off the backboard. Torres was confident running the lead guard spot and finding teammates for open baskets inside as well.


After serving on college coaching staffs and working at several universities in the Southeast, Jennifer Brazelton joined On the Radar Hoops as a National Evaluator in April 2022. She has been involved in the Georgia basketball community since 2015 and can be reached at JenniferRBrazelton@gmail.com or on Twitter @jenbrazeIton.