OTR Breakout Camp – Headliners – August 14, 2023

NORCROSS, Georgia, – There is no better place for underclassmen to get on the map than at the Breakout Camp hosted by On the Radar Hoops. Yesterday the stage was set, and a handful of players proved that they are primed to be names that will be circulated among recruiting circles. Here is the first edition of standouts from the camp that was hosted at Norcross High School.

By: Jonathan Hemingway

Jaylen Alexander – Oxford High School – 2026

Alexander is good sized lead guard who plays the game with pace and poise. He alternates between surveying the court with vision and attacking the lane with force. He showed athleticism as he was able to elevate and finish in traffic. The Alabama native earned praise from all evaluators on Sunday afternoon. He will be a player that will make noise on the court in upcoming years.

Bobby Buggs – Heritage-Conyers – 2026

Buggs is a poised lead guard who made plays and turned heads. He plays the game efficiently as he rarely tries to do too much with the ball in his hands. He is quick to attack a gap in the defense but disciplined enough to back dribble out of traffic. We took note of his touch in traffic and ability to finish with his off-hand as slinked past lunging defenders.

Kian Ghouchani – Milton High School – 2026

There were several talented shooters in the building yesterday, but Ghouchani filled out his application as the most consistent gunner during gameplay. He keeps the ball high in his shooting pocket and gets his shot off without much of a wind-up. The sophomore is more than just a spot-up guard type. He ran the point during games and showed his ability to fire passes to cutting teammates with either hand.

Micah Goodlow – Alexander High School – 2027

Showcases normally highlight players who shoot the most and score the most buckets. That is why we take note of players who thrive by passing the basketball to others. Goodlow, one of the few freshmen to draw attention, earned his mettle with vision and willingness to throw dimes to cutting teammates. He uses his quickness and footwork to find the open crevice on the floor and then quickly drops an assist. This type of basketball character is what we love to see.

Amare James – Wheeler High School – 2026

Although there are players that may have more talent at this moment, we are placing our bet on James to be the guy that we are still talking about with enthusiasm in two years’ time. He projects to be a guard who is effective as a playmaker with the ball in his hands or one who can be a shot maker on the wing. He also has the athleticism to impact the game on both ends of the court. There is still room for physical development with James, which gives us even more reason to be excited about his outlook.

Maddox Melancon – Eagle’s Landing High School – 2026

Pound for pound, it would be hard to argue against Melancon as the most productive player at the camp. He brings size, strength, and agility to the floor. He is the type of player who can take a defender off the dribble from beyond the arc. Or he can body up his opponent on the interior to win 50-50 balls in traffic. He also exhibits a feel for the game with timely interior passes. This is unique for a player his age and size.

Kota Suttle Jr. – Wheeler High School – 2026

Suttle Jr. is earning his stripes as one of the better all-around guards in the Metro Atlanta area as of late. He normally plays the game at the point as a lead playmaker, but the 6-foot-3 prospect showed a diversity of skill that ought to draw attention from everyone. He attacked the basket, finished with touch, and displayed body control that is reserved for only the best in the game. Suttle also showed his range as a 3-point shooter as well. There is a reason why he has collected several offers to date.

Kohl Ward – Tyner Academy – 2027

Ward is another freshman point guard that earned his way onto this list with his passing ability. He darts up the court with the ball while keeping his eyes up for open teammates. The Chattanooga native is quite slick with his passes. Not only does he deliver passes on target, but he does it in a manner where the defense does not see it coming. Ward projects to be a top guard coming down the pipe in the state of Tennessee.

Jalan Wingfield – Thomas County High School – 2026

In terms of physical tools, there may not be another prospect in the building that matches what Wingfield brings to the table. The long-armed forward affects the game both at the rim and on the perimeter. He swatted shots away from unsuspecting guards who thought they had found a crease in the defense. He also faced up the defense and attacked the rim with a strong downhill handle. He even showed some touch on a floater in traffic that was impressive. With time, experience, and refinement Wingfield will be on an elite trajectory.

Khalid Worthy – Holy Innocents – 2026

Worthy is a 6-foot-7 wing-forward that is just beginning to figure out the game. His toolbox is brimming with skills that he is learning how to utilize. Blocking shots, spot up threes, and acrobatic finishes in the lane are within his grasp of mastery. We like his frame. He is still thin, but his youth leads us to believe that he will be putting on plenty of good weight over the upcoming years.

Jonathan Hemingway has been a National Evaluator for On the Radar Hoops since 2013. He has been involved in the basketball community since 1995 as a coach, camp director and evaluator. You can reach him at JLHemingway@gmail.com and follow him on twitter @JL_Hemingway.