OTR Breakout Camp – On the Rise – August 18, 2023

NORCROSS, Georgia, – There is not a better place for underclassmen to get on the map than at the Breakout Camp hosted by On the Radar Hoops. Sunday the stage was set, and a handful of players proved that they are primed to be names that will be circulated among recruiting circles. Here is a third edition of standouts from the camp that was hosted at Norcross High School.

By: Jonathan Hemingway


Octavius Gresham – Chamblee Charter School – 2026

Gresham’s slashing ability was on display Sunday afternoon. He used his footwork and his change of pace to keep defenders off balance. His blend of tempo and touch in the lane made him one of the better scoring guards we watched at the camp.

Ty Shine – Curtis Baptist School – 2027

Shine is a thin framed guard with shooting range. He hit the reversal 3-pointer with consistency in the afternoon game sets. He also showed the skill to create space to get his shot off versus on ball defenders. He has a talent for hitting the step-back jumper in the flow of the offense.

Sean Alicea – Shiloh – 2026

We took a liking to Alicea’s game during the camp. He is a left-hander who can score with touch in traffic off the dribble. The guard accelerates quickly and stops abruptly to create the distance needed to create windows to score or dish to others. His willingness to pitch ahead in transition is a skill not talked about often enough.

Brandon Nelson – Gainesville – 2026

Nelson is a guard with length. His body looks to be in the process of still stretching out as well. He uses long strides to get past reaching defenders and create leverage to score off the move. He has body control and touch that earned him attention coming out of this camp.

Jaylen Samuel – St. Francis – 2027

Samuel’s size in the backcourt is intriguing. Combine this asset with his aggressive mindset and he is a handful for opponents to corral. He muscles his way into the lane and will score at the mouth of the basket regardless of which defender tries to deter him. He carries that same high energy mentality to the defensive end making a potential 2-way force this upcoming school year.

Charlie Gersmehl – Gainesville – 2026

Gersmehl is a front-line player with hi-lo capabilities. He presents great size which he uses to his advantage to score in 1/1 situations on the block. He also gets after it on the glass where he looks to start the break or earn second chance points. He flashed a bit of athleticism as well. He flushed a dunk in transition in one of the final games of the day.

Azion Spencer – Central Gwinnett – 2026

Spencer is a name that scouts, and college coaches ought to keep in the back of their mind heading into the 2023-24 season. The lanky framed wing excels at finishing at the rim off the drive. He mixes downhill attacks with hesitation moves around the perimeter. He is a talent who is still refining his skill and should flourish under the direction of coach Spivey this year and beyond.

Jerrin Samuel – Winder Barrow – 2026

Samuel is one of the more promising prospects to step on the floor at the Breakout Camp. A 6-foot-3 wing, he is coming off a freshman season where he averaged 17 points per game as a freshman for Winder Barrow. The lefty displayed finesse and a feel for the game on Sunday afternoon. He is a kid who will grow a few more inches as well. He should be considered one of the top prospects in his class within the greater Metro Atlanta area.

Devin Mikell – Statesboro High School – 2026

Green splashed his talent around during gameplay. He is a well-built forward with much physical talent. He grinded on the defensive end contesting shots and as a rebounder. His gritty nature should ensure that he has a role on his high school roster this fall. He also showed a pretty fallaway jumper on the baseline, which gives us a glimpse into his overall capability.

Omari Woodard – Baldwin High School – 2026

Woodard is an athletic back court prospect with 2-way prowess. He is a lefty who apt to slip past opponents and score in the paint. He showed much promise on the defensive end where he disrupted opponents with his quickness and anticipation.

Jonathan Hemingway has been a National Evaluator for On the Radar Hoops since 2013. He has been involved in the basketball community since 1995 as a coach, camp director and evaluator. You can reach him at JLHemingway@gmail.com and follow him on twitter @JL_Hemingway.