OTR Breakout Camp – Standouts – August 15, 2023

NORCROSS, Georgia, – There is no better place for underclassmen to get on the map than at the Breakout Camp hosted by On the Radar Hoops. Yesterday the stage was set, and a handful of players proved that they are primed to be names that will be circulated among recruiting circles. Here is the second edition of standouts from the camp that was hosted at Norcross High School.

By: Jonathan Hemingway

Jordan Green – Newton County – 2026 

Green is built for this game. Equipped with long arms, springy legs, and great anticipation, Green looks to have all the attributes you like to see in an elite level wing. He is more than just an athletic specimen, however. He showed his skills during game play. He hit the reversal 3-pointer in the half court while also showing he has the balance to hit the side-step jumper when the defense closes quickly on him at the arc. He also showed some touch and finesse in traffic after taking the bump. He showed the reasons why there is optimism around his game heading in to sophomore year.

Aiden Maxwell Aponte – Eagle’s Landing High School – 2026 

Maxwell is a strong framed combo guard who can distribute the ball or score in traffic. We took note of his willingness to put his head down and create space off the dribble in secondary break situations. Maxwell’s bank shot is a weapon that ought to be a critical part of his offensive repertoire as he moves up the ranks.

Tre Keith – Tri-Cities – 2027

Keith is another combo guard with scoring acumen. He is a kid who is not afraid to bolt into the lane amongst taller defenders and find buckets for his team. We also took note of his willingness to track loose balls and 50/50 situations on the court. These are characteristics of a winning player.

Mostapha Diop – The Walker School

Diop is a prospect with a high major pedigree. His length, agility, and fluidity all point to a future where college coaches will be courting his services at the next level. He made a splash at the camp with his ability to swat shots in the lane and connect on jumpers from beyond the arc. He will be a name that is sure to surface often in recruiting conversations soon.

Kevin Savage – Wheeler High School – 2027 

Savage was a part of a talented crew from Wheeler High School that drew attention on Sunday afternoon. The left-handed point guard flashed his skills during drills and game play. Armed with a handful of offers already, he plays the game with confidence and sureness. Although on the shorter end of the height spectrum, he impacts the game from tip to buzzer. From side-step 3s to aggressive drive and kicks, Savage is a talented prospect that ought to be regarded at the top of his class in the Peach State.

Malik Rideout – Central Gwinnett

Rideout is making a habit of earning praise at OTR events over the previous year. It is for good reason as he continues to display his great blend of athleticism and skill on the court. The long-armed wing is adept at attacking the rim and finishing consistently in traffic. He also showed a tough hesitation and go move with his weak hand along the baseline. We also noted his high energy attitude on the defensive end, which gives us reason to believe that his mindset is bigger than just being a scorer.

Zachary Graves – Daniell Middle School

Although being one of the younger players at the camp, Graves put his stamp on the afternoon with some consistent play. The lefty is a sturdily built guard who can handle his own in traffic. His footwork is what gives him an edge over guards who may be quicker than he is. His low center of gravity, choppy footwork, and tight ball handling give him leverage past unsuspecting defenders. He used all these skills to score off the move in the lane.

David Thomas – Portal Middle School – 2027

Thomas is an attacking wing who finished consistently in the lane. He showed polished footwork on the face-up which kept defenders off balance. His jab step set up his quick first step towards the lane. Keep Thomas on your list of rising stars in Bulloch County.

Trey Rhodes – Gainesville High School – 2026 

Rhodes is a good-sized guard that flashed old school skills in game play. He mixed in pump fakes around the rim while also using his body to shield off the hands of lunging defenders. He is headed to be on the roster for the Red Elephants this season. These skills will serve him well as his team looks to compete with the best in North Georgia.

Hayden Clay – Trinity Christian School – 2026

Players with size and versatility are always of special interest for scouts at these events. These types of prospects usually draw the most interest during the recruiting season, because there is a finite number of players with this profile. Clay is a good-sized front-line player who runs rim to rim consistently. He also can step out to the arc and connect on a jumper. His pivots and body control allow him to score in traffic as well.

Jonathan Hemingway has been a National Evaluator for On the Radar Hoops since 2013. He has been involved in the basketball community since 1995 as a coach, camp director and evaluator. You can reach him at JLHemingway@gmail.com and follow him on twitter @JL_Hemingway.