OTR Elite 32 – Day 4 FACE-OFF – July 9, 2023

MARIETTA, Georgia, – The first weekend of the July period comes to an end today at the OTR Elite 32. We found several individual players who floated to the top with their play. Several underclassmen earned attention on Sunday. While a few shoe sponsored teams showed up for afternoon games after their circuit play had concluded. Here is a rundown of the action on the fourth and final day of The Elite 32.

By: Jonathan Hemingway

Showtime Ballers on a Roll

Although the leader of the team from the spring, Paul Djobet, signed with the University of Miami last month, the Showtime Ballers have picked up right where they left off in the spring. They replaced Djobet with class of 2024 wing Roc Lee who has picked up some scoring responsibilities. Class of 2023 wings Mister Dean and Chris Mubiru continue to put up consistent numbers. Class of 2024 guard Jordin Bell earned praise this weekend with his shooting ability. While class of 2024 point guard Willie Sheppard III has cemented himself as one the top ball handlers within the event. Add in the shot blocking and finishing ability of class of 2024 center Ibrahima Traore along the front line and the Showtime Ballers have a well-balanced team in both the front court and back court.

They earned a well fought victory over AOT in today’s morning match-up. Their length and athleticism threw Ace Bailey off balance and get him out of rhythm.

Independents and Shoe Sponsored Teams Square Off

On the Radar Hoops is known for its platform of setting the stage of the best teams and matchups regardless of affiliation. This year is no different as shoe sponsored teams slid over to Next Play 360 after their circuit games finished and went nose to nose with a few of the best non sponsored programs that the event had to offer. Here is a rundown of those matchups:

Wood Elite Sewer South (66) vs. BMaze UAA (61)

Top Scorers Mekhi Turner (Wood Elite) 14 points, Trey Maxwell (BMaze) 22 points

Team Florida (59) vs. Anthony Edwards Five 3SSB (54)

Top Scorers: Julian Clarke (Team Florida) 17 points, Tre Scott III (Anthony Edwards) 22 points

2026 and 2027 Prospects Earn Praise

While the live period events are generally geared for rising senior prospects, it is a good chance for younger prospects to get their name mentioned and the play noticed by college coaches. Keith Agran and other evaluators on staff took note of players from states from across the country in the 2026 and 2027 class. Players from Colorado, Florida, Arkansas, and Louisiana competed in front of college coaches at several venues.

The Team Breakdown (FL)  duo of Jayden Joseph and Marcis Ponder have been well documented by our team this year. They continued the dominant play this weekend while playing against older competition. Jospeh is a talented ball handling and scoring guard. While Ponder is built like a pro center already. He bends the rims regularly with rafter shaking dunks.

Tyshawn Duncan with New Orleans Elite is a player with a high athletic ceiling and developing offensive tools.

Jayden Slaughter of Legendary Athletes (AR) plays hard and with grit. He earned praise from our Keith Agran at Sequoyah High School.

Alex Eckerman earned praise for his shooting range and form while playing with Wood Elite.

Class of 2027 forward Madden Geiger proved he belonged while playing with the Court Surgeons today.

Class of 2027 Luke Bentley led a Mountain West Premier to a win today over a talented Team Mookie Betts team.

Trending Names with Offers from the Elite 32

Landon Williams with Great Lakes Warriorz

Derrick Edouard with Miami dor5

Jackson Washington of Team Mookie Betts

Pick 4

Our in-house evaluator Willie Evans was asked to give four names from the weekend as standout performers. Here is who he selected:

Class of 2024 point guard Cam Perkins (Warner-Robins All-Stars)

Class of 2024 point guard Anthony Gause (MPJ Elite)

Class of 2024 forward Lionel Bell (New Orleans Elite)

Class of 2024 wing Lucas Lima (Game Speed Elite)

Sharp-Shooting Selection

Who were the top shooters from this Sunday? Cam Rickers and Jen Brazelton have the answer:

Devin Brafford (BMaze, 2024)

Julian Clarke (Team Florida, 2024)

Andrew Signorelli (Team Speights, 2024)

Ryan Williams (Wood Elite, 2024)

Tre Scott (Anthony Edwards, 2024)

Dierre Hill Jr. (SW Illinois Jets, 2024)

Jonathan Hemingway has been a National Evaluator for On the Radar Hoops since 2013. He has been involved in the basketball community since 1995 as a coach, camp director and evaluator. You can reach him at JLHemingway@gmail.com and follow him on twitter @JL_Hemingway.