OTR Elite 32 – Standouts (Willis) – July 13, 2023

Devin Brafford 6’9 F Bobby Maze Elite

Brafford has spent the 1st half of both his is contest over the weekend making defenders that lose sight of him pay. The rail thin 6’9 forward can really shit the ball if left open. He likes the corners & when in pick and pop situations he was smart to slip the screens for pull ups jumpers.

Marcus Ponder 6’11 C Team Breakdown

6’11 Marcis Ponder was simply too big and too strong for his defenders. He gave an aggressive effort on the boards on both ends showing improved hands when gathering the basketball.  He was able to get his hands on a ton of missed shots across the lane, and his catch and drop step was unstoppable. The move to Overtime Elite will no doubt improve his conditioning & help develop his limited offense.

Fred Bailey 6’3 PG Team Mookie

Baileys size and court awareness at the point position are things that coaches definitely look for in a lead guard. He played the entire weekend with a pass first, defensive mentality that his teammates all got behind.  He smothered ball handlers and dictated where he wanted them to by picking up at three quarter court and continuously cutting off driving lanes.

Jontay Samuels 6’4 SG Louisiana Breeze

Louisiana Breeze wing Jontay Samuels quietly put together a big time shooting display on Saturday afternoon. The lefty made shots from behind the arc and knocked down a variety of mid range looks off the catch. He’s moved great without the ball, always making himself available to his teammates.

Daryle Jones 5’11 G SW Illinios Jets

At 5’11Daryle Jones is a physical specimen. Broad shoulders, cuts on his arms, barreling through defenders with this body. He’s been the key to the SW Illinois Jets press breaker by pushing the rock. Very nice in the midrange area as well. He made quit decisions with the ball in his hands that kept his team playing at a fast pace. More scorer than facilitator.

Chris Moliere 6’2 SG Born To Impact

Moliere has improved in the short time since I last saw him in May. He’s moving better without the ball which is leading to tons of open looks. From end to end he was a blur, but his success came as he showed a better understanding of reading defenses. He understood when to press on the gas pedal and when to slow down.

Jaden Baker 6’0 PG Pressure Elite

This heady guard had the engine running for his Pressure Elite in the teams first game . He pushed the ball down the defenses back, got to his sweet spots in the midrange area, and most importantly pitched the ball ahead for easy buckets. If it wasn’t for a tweeted ankle the re would be more to report. He did in fact fight through the ankle which shows how tough he is.

Kerry Willis is a contributor to On the Radar Hoops