OTR #Elite32 – Do-It-All Types

MARIETTA, GA – After a busy June for high-schoolers back on their homefronts, OTR was back at it with its 4-day long basketball extravaganza and once again teaming with Recruit Look Hoops for another incredibly diverse field of teams from all regions.

For the first of two July live periods for prospects, our crack team had main venue Next Play 360 covered with multiple evaluators canvassing the 4 courts, I took to outer venues Kell HS and Sequoyah HS to see if we could uncover some gems.

These Do-It-All types were hard to ignore:

By: Keith Agran

William Smith | 2025 | Team Forrest

Springy as heck at 6-3 the Harrison HS guard uses that spring to be super active both getting at the basket and rebounding from the backcourt, the good size also offers defensive versatility which he utilizes to do whatever is asked of at that end, has been consistently noticeable all season with Forrest as a sneaky good scorer who plays in control and with lots of confidence.

Hedrens Bartelus | 2024 | South Florida Elite

A top eye-opener of the entire season as SFE has come through OTR on multiple occasions and he like teammate Jeremy Innocent has been tremendous each time out, such athletic gifts alone distinguish him but add in good size and a solid frame and it’s been scary, the way he can play above the rim and use good basketball instincts below it have made him one of toughest guys to guard I’ve seen over the last 4 months, serious sleeper out of south FL deserving of more concrete attention.

Justin Mitchell | 2024 | Team Dickerson (pictured at top)

Had as good an overall weekend in front of our full staff as anyone at Elite 32 in any age group, seen his game mature for a full 3 years and he’s at the top of his skillset, playing a hybrid 1-2 the time he spends at the point is filled with veteran poise and the type of pinpoint vision you can’t teach, at the off-guard he uses a power-packed body to get through people and explosive lift to attack the rim, playing some high-level ball right now.

Liam Delaney | 2024 | COH Elite

From the midwest came Crossover and among a group of guys who could all score it we saw Delaney stand out with the multi-level attack that was a whole bunch to deal with, might not look like a killer getting off the bus but he combined the cerebral side of the game with some deceptive skills as a shooter and driver, can handle the ball or hurt you badly off the wing as he posted some big scoring numbers at Elite 32.

Cam James | 2024 | GA Legacy

Already established as one of the ATL-Metro’s most versatile talents we’ve gotten some inklings this spring and summer of his burgeoning maturity both mind and body, the explosiveness has been a trademark but getting into a consistent rhythm as a guy who can be a 15ppg deliverer is perhaps his greatest challenge and the one remaining somewhat mysterious item which could vault him to the next level in recruiting circles.

Jay Johnson | 2024 | Warner Robins All-Stars

Everywhere he’s surfaced whether it be one of the many prominent camps in the state of Georgia or on the OTR circuit he’s been as consistently solid as any wing I’ve seen, you can’t argue with the production you see from him each weekend and he does it without a ton of flash in many cases but fills up the stat sheet as a big wing with shooting/passing/rebounding/defense, since March has firmly established himself as one of Middle GA’s best and a rising overall talent to track statewide.

Jayden Bynes | 2025 | AOT

Among the more purely fun guys to watch of the weekend for me as he’s making huge strides now approaching his junior year, with AOT he’s the go-to scorer when a big bucket is needed and has an intangible love it appears to be the guy everyone is counting on, major past-the-arc shooting range means you’ve got to body him up early over halfcourt but he can take 3 power dribbles by you and get at the cup with some ferocity, a rising star with Atlanta-area powerhouse McEachern.

Blake Weslin | 2024 | Colorado Prospect Academy

In the game of the weekend over at Kell HS Weslin and Co. dropped a thrilling sudden death double OT game to Team Breakdown DMV but it wasn’t because of Weslin or his gutsy effort, followed up an earlier 26 point outing with another 26 in the OT loss but took on all comers as Breakdown threw 5 or 6 different guys at him over the game and doubled him whenever possible, a wired-to-score type guy.

Zakariyya Dwight | 2025 | Team Georgia Magic

A south Georgia product out of Crisp County he has much like Jay Johnson above placed his name on the radars of ATL-area based evaluators as a must-know type of guy, what has consistently popped to me has been his incredible defensive versatility and effort at around 6-6 guarding both frontcourt and backcourt players, he moves so well he can close out on shooters but blocks shots closer to the basket like a guy 6-10, that’s an unquestioned separator for him but doesn’t overshadow at all how interesting a multi-level offensive threat he can be as well.

Keith Agran has lived in Georgia since 2011 and joined OTR as a National Evaluator in 2021. He previously scouted for Prep Hoops dating back to 2019, and also spent 3 years as a sports writer at two newspapers in New Jersey. After a championship-coaching background on the HS-level also in NJ, he accepted the Girl’s Basketball Head Coaching position in May 2022 at Mt Bethel Christian Academy and now balances scouting and coaching still with a keen eye on talent around the region. You can reach him at keithagran1@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter @BracketSage.