OTR Hoops: 6th Grade Prime Performers Florida Battleground Session I – March 18, 2024

In this article we are highlighting the best of the best players in the 6th grade division who led their teams to winning records in Session One.

By: Bilal Benjamin

Aran Chacon | Heavenly Hoopers

Chacon was dominant in all aspects of the game in Session one. That earned him the MVP. His all-around game showcased remarkable scoring abilities, keeping teammates involved, and solid defensive stops. Chacon’s presence on the court demanded attention such as double teams, but his coaches moved him all around the floor, so he continued to be effective.

Darian Randolph | Tre Mann Elite

Randolph has good slashing abilities on the court. His quick footwork and agility allowed him to drive to the basket and make quick and accurate decisions. He’s a reliable offensive threat. On the other end of the floor Randolph has strong defensive skills. He has a high level of commitment on the defensive end.

Shayne Cherry | Tre Mann Elite

Cherry was a dominant force on the glass, consistently outrebounding the opposing team when he was in the game.  His paint presence seemed to be the difference in some of their games. Cherry’s fundamentally sound game was a highlight of Session one.

Izaac Gonzalez | LGNDZ

Gonzalez was one of the best and most consistent scorers in Session one, regardless of grade. It’s evident he works on all aspects of scoring the ball. Gonzalez’s downhill attack was too much to handle. He’s at his best when the floor is spaced.

Kendon Hayes | Xpreme Pressure

Hayes was one of the most impressive guards on the entire circuit. His ability to take big shots and make them was a sight to see. Hayes is a three-level scorer that doesn’t settle but looks for the best shot available. His confidence is through the roof and that mixed with his passion and determination will take him far.