OTR Hoops: 7th Grade Prime Performers – Battleground Session I – March 6, 2024

The 7th grade group was arguably the most competitive in Session One. The energy that was brought each game was unmatched.

By: Bilal Benjamin

Camareon Logan | B Maze Elite (Pictured Above)

Logan, established himself as a defensive stopper in Session One. His defensive skills not only thwarted opponents’ offensive plays but also seamlessly transitioned into impactful offensive opportunities for his team. Logan’s consistent on ball pressure and energy sparked something in his teammates to follow suit.

Kaden Mullins | Handlelife

Mullins, was the driving force behind Handlelife due to his ability to make endless plays by beating any defender that stepped in front of him off the dribble. His agility and rapid speed on the court makes him a tough cover. His elusive moves and quick footwork made it challenging for opposing teams to defend against him, as they struggled to keep up with his pace. Mullins was the engine that made Handlelife go in Session One.

Kingston Clahar | Atlanta Xpress

Clahar is a true playmaker. His ability to read the game and execute plays efficiently frustrated opposing players and teams. Clahar is on a trajectory towards becoming a top player in 2029.

Braylen Alexander | Team Scoot South

Alexander is highly skilled. He has good athleticism and versatility. Alexander excels at putting the ball in the hoop. He’s a true triple threat option for his team. Alexander’s leaping ability make it obvious that he’ll be slamming the ball in sooner than later. When facing Alexander, opponents must be prepared to defend against his multifaceted skill set at all times.

Mason Ellis | Team Dr1ven

Ellis is a true lefty point guard. His ability to see the floor with great precision sets him a part. Ellis can see the floor plays ahead. Elite court vision allows him to control the pace of play. Ellis can anticipate plays and make quick, accurate decisions. His left-handed dominance adds a unique dynamic to his game, allowing him to blow by defenders.

Deuce Grayson | 2030 | Team Huncho

Grayson, was the top scorer while playing up in the 7th-grade division. His ability to consistently contribute points when his team needs a bucket shows off his fearlessness. Grayson is an unselfish player, but in Session One Team Huncho needed him to take on the bulk of the scoring role and he did not disappoint. There are not many players his age that can impact the game from all three levels, while playing a grade up.

Eric Foster III | ODS Elite

Foster led ODS Elite to an impressive 4-0 record. He consistently outshined his matchup and even had a spectacular 27-point performance. Foster had his full game on full display showcasing his scoring, defense, and leadership. This play earned him MVP of Session One.

Anthony Moreno | ODS Elite

Moreno is a highly skilled young hooper with a profound understanding of the game. His basketball IQ is advanced. Moreno’s ability to read the defense and exploit its weaknesses speaks volumes. He had 10 steals in one game in Session One. Moreno can change a game in a heartbeat. One of the best players in 2029.

CJ Jackson | FEA

Jackson has an undeniable work ethic on and off the court. His high motor mixed with his advanced skill set makes him tough to contain. Jackson consistently demonstrated elite scoring tendencies from all over the floor in Session One. He put up points in quick manner, often in bunches. One of those lead guards that you’ll want leading your ball club.