OTR Hoops: Battleground 6th Grade Prime Performers – March 28, 2024

We highlight the 6th grade group from the Battleground Session Two. This group was largely dominated on the perimeter with shifty moves and a barrage of outside shooting.

By: Bilal Benjamin

Keisean Roberts | Decatur Blazers

Roberts’s performance not only elevated the team’s overall gameplay but also showed that he’s a reliable and effective lead guard. He made key plays in the half court and full court settings, and everybody ate when he was at the point of attack. He is always looking for the best shot and usually setting up teammates to succeed. Roberts’ vision and precision earned him 6th grade MVP honors.

Malik Brown | Decatur Blazers

Brown attacks the rim and converts on scoring chances in the post with efficiency. He’s a player that gets good positioning inside and commands a double team when he gets the ball deep in the post. Brown cleaned the glass and consistently got the ball out to his guards for fast break opportunities. With him as the anchor this Decatur Blazers team will be tough to beat!

Cade Keller | FEA

Keller’s ability to dominate in the post while also showcasing a reliable outside shot makes this FEA group a touch out. Keller typically has the size advantage and he’s developing into an interior nightmare. Lately, he’s been outmaneuvering defenders and using good footwork around the rim. This big man’s stock is rising.

Carson McCamey (2031) | GTS Basketball

Playing up for his team, McCamey impressed with his agility, quick reflexes, and strategic thinking during Session two. When analyzing McCamey’s I didn’t think he was playing up. He seems to fit right in. He’s advanced and plays with a calm demeanor.