OTR Hoops: Battleground 7th Grade Prime Performers – March 28, 2024

We highlight the prime performers from the 7th grade group from Session Two of the Battleground. A good number of these guys took both ends of the floor seriously. You love to see that in today’s game!

By: Bilal Benjamin

Braylen Alexander | Team Scoot South (Pictured Above)

Alexander earned MVP honors for 7th grade after posting twp 20-point double-doubles. His skillset and strategic approach to the game deserves the recognition he’s receiving. Alexander is a highly skilled player that can play multiple positions. He’s progressed throughout each session and made a name for himself.

Tarrens Catul | Handlelife

Catul got after it offensively. He scored at a high clip and utilized a variety of moves to create scoring opportunities for his teammates. His presence on the perimeter commands help-side attention. Catul took over a few games with his offensive ourburst.

Deuce Grayson (2030) | Team Huncho

Grayson continues to impress and develop at a quick rate. Once he got hot it became a long game for the opposing ball clubs. His dedication to the game and commitment to growth is evident in the way he plays. He’s extremely confident and puts all the shifty moves he works on to the test in game. Grayson is one of those guys you look back and say, “I knew he’d be special.”

Joseph Mighty | Team Huncho

Mighty is an ultra-aggressive, assertive, and versatile forward. His ability to dominate the court with his assertive playing style sets the tone for this Team Huncho squad. Mack’s versatility allows him to excel on the perimeter in struts. Mighty has a pure game.

EJ Foster III | ODS Elite

What more can I say about Foster? He’s so poised for a 7th grader, never rattled, and always looking toward the next play. If he turns it over best believe he’s looking to get it back defensively. If he misses a defensive assignment, he’s looking to get the best quality shot for his team on the next trip down. Other than his shooting ability and dribble drive he has things you can’t teach.

Anthony Moreno | ODS Elite

Moreno was good for 5+ steals per contest at Session two. He turns defense into offense in the blink of an eye. On the offensive end he can get to his spots and nail the long ball at a high clip. He’s always attacking the rim as gets by defenders so easily. Moreno’s gameplay always keeps his teams in game.

Joshua Thomas | ODS Elite

Thomas was exciting to watch. He had wildly explosive plays that many 7th graders can’t emulate. He blocked at least 3 three-point shots and was all over the floor. Thomas has a strong defensive presence, combined with his offensive capabilities, which make him a well-rounded player capable of making significant impacts on both ends of the court. He is an upward trending, reliable and versatile wing player.

Jersey Farbes | Team Dr1ven

Witnessing Farbes in action serves as a reminder of the impact a talented player can have on the outcome of a game. Farbes has a high motor. He possesses a relentless downhill attack on the court and a high basketball IQ. Farbes had a high shooting percentage, which that allowed his team to win the close games.

Jaray Tyler | B Maze Elite

On multiple occasions Tyler effectively communicated with his teammates, guiding them towards victory. He’s a pure lead guard that makes his teammates better. Always looking ahead to the cutters or open man, Tyler’s basketball IQ is sky high. His commitment to teamwork and selfless approach to the game set a perfect example for his peers.