OTR Hoops: Battleground Session I (Guard Standouts) – March 5, 2024

The backcourt play at Session One of Battleground showed that fundamentals still matter in basketball. Here are some notable performers from the event.

By: Bilal Benjamin

Shamar madden | 6’2” | Game Elite

Madden may very well be the best pure scorer in Georgia’s class of 2028. He is consistent with his play and does not cheat the game. His agility and quick decision-making on the court make him an offensive force. Coaches stressed in-game on ways to slow down Madden. He is a true gem that Game Elite has on their hands.

Jordan Rollins | 6’1” | Team Grind

Rollins is a skilled hooper that knows how to use his agility and make quick moves on the court. As a shifty guard, he excels in maneuvering around defenders to create scoring opportunities. Rollins finished at the rim with the best of them in Session One and he did so consistently. He’s an effective slasher that’ll get downhill whenever he desires.

Lee Steele | 6’3 | Team Grind

Steele is a proficient southpaw. His scoring ability extends to all three levels of the floor, making him a reliable scoring threat. Steele’s versatility showcases his well-rounded offensive skills. When analyzing Steele’s gameplay, one should pay close attention to his ability to attack the seams of the defensive and study the game within the game.

Tristen Tucker | 5’8 | Florida Rebels

Tucker is an electrifying lead guard. He’s lightning quick with the ball and has precise ball-handling skills that lead to strategic playmaking. Tucker’s sharp court vision is a testament to his feel for the game. His leadership qualities shined throughout Session One.

Ezra Gelin | 6’0” | Nightrydas

Gelin was in his own lane at the guard position during Session One. He is renowned for his silky-smooth skill and patience on the court. He has a mature game. As one of the most skillful guards in his class, Gelin consistently demonstrates an all-around understanding of the game. His patience allows him to assess situations calmly, make strategic decisions, and execute plays with precision.

Kiishawn Farrow | 5’8” | Team South Carolina Black

Farrow’s dribble drive was un-guardable in Session One and he controlled games with it on the offensive end. Ultimately helping his team go undefeated. His footwork enables him to get deep into his bag to make things happen. Farrow is the extended coach on the floor that Team South Carolina needs.

Karyn Stevenson | 5’10” | Team South Carolina Black

Stevenson is known for his quick trigger and shooting skills from deep. His ability to release the ball swiftly upon receiving a pass enables him to take advantage of defensive gaps efficiently. He caused opposing teams problems throughout Session One with his draggers. Stevenson is a sharpshooter on the rise.

Jeremiah Wardlaw | 5’4” | Team South Carolina Red

Wardlaw had one of the most electrifying game winners of Session One. His quick first step and strong ball-handling skills allowed him to live in the paint. Opponents often struggled to contain his aggressive drives to the basket in Session One, which is leading to frequent scoring opportunities for his team. An impressive undefeated record has eyes on Team South Carolina.