OTR Hoops: Battleground Session I – Prime Performers (5th-6th Grade) – March 7, 2024

The younger guys set the tone for the older ones. Their intensity and competitiveness did not go unnoticed in Session One.

By: Bilal Benjamin

Beckham Reeve | FEA | 6th (Pictured Above)

Where do I start with Reeve? He is one of very few 6th graders with a developing all-around skill set. He covets a combination of shooting accuracy and playmaking. Reeve dominated both offensively and defensively in a comeback victory for FEA against Stonecrest Raptors. Reeves led FEA 2030 to a 4-0 battleground start.

Trey Hampton | Atlanta Celtics | 6th

Hampton is a dominant scorer. He shoots good timely shots and doesn’t settle. Hampton is a good ball handling and decisive playmaker. Hampton’s gameplay helped the Atlanta Celtics get over the top in every game they played allowing them to go 4-0 in Session One.

Aubrey Bush | JSmoove Celtics | 5th

I don’t usually compare players. You must be special for me to even consider it, but Bush reminds me a lot of Hannah Hidalgo, McDonalds Al-American and freshman point guard for Notre Dame. Like Hidalgo, Bush is growing up playing against boys and having her way on the court. Bush’s understanding of the game of basketball is at an elite level. She had the best ball handling on display in Session One. Bush constantly puts teammates in position to succeed. She can run the offense fluidly or make something out of nothing. Aubrey Bush is the next big thing!

Leshawn Lyle | JSmoove Celtics | 5th

Lyle, who is Bush’s back court mate is very shifty and has a great feel for the game. Lyle literally lives in the interior, with his smooth dribble drives and hesitations. Lyle can make plays from a split-second decision and create scoring opportunities from all three levels. His stellar play helped the JSmoove Celtics finish Session One with a 4-0 record in which none of their games were close.

Azir Hatchett | JSmoove Celtics | 5th

Hatchett was entirely too much in the post. He dominated the paint by imposing his will at the beginning of every game. He has a soft tough around the rim and will run the floor. As he continues to develop an outside game, he will be a big to watch.

LJ Hall | Game Elite | 5th

Hall confidently put the ball on the floor and making plays. He’s known for his sharpshooting but has added to his bag. The versatility he’s developing will make him un-guardable 1-on-1. Hall moves extremely well without the ball and can shoot off the dribble or spotting up. Keep an eye on Hall as he continues to hone his skills and make significant contributions to his team’s success.