OTR Hoops: Battleground Session I Standouts (Wings and Forwards) – March 5, 2024

The southeast arguably produces the best front court players in the country. These are some of the best front court players in middle school. They showed out at Session 1 of the Battleground.

By: Bilal Benjamin

Quinton Wilson | 6’3” | Florida Rebels

Wilson is regarded as the No. 1 prospect in the class of 2028, and he showed why at Session 1. He has an exceptional all-around skill set. His attention to detail and on court presence is top tier. He showcased remarkable abilities in scoring, passing, and defense. As the top player in his class in the early stages of his grassroots career, he sets a high standard to live up to.

Jermaine Agyeman | 6’9” | Florida Rebels

Agyeman is a sturdy post player with a nice frame. With his strong build, he causes matchup problems near the basket and challenges opponents to score inside. Agyeman gives the Florida Rebels team a reliable rebounder, rim protector and overall paint presence.

Cayden Gaskins | 6’7” | 2029 | Nightrydas

Gaskins stands at 6’7” as one of the most athletic 7th graders in the country. He is ultra-assertive and effective on a nationally ranked 8th grade squad. He exhibits pure talent. His dominance in the interior is evidenced through his strong defensive presence, nonstop rebounding, and scoring ability near the basket. Keep in mind he has another year before he enters high school!

Laron Mack | 6’6” | Nightrydas

Mack has made significant improvements to his game. He was already at the top of his class, but like the greats he isn’t settling. His shooting touch and outside jumper has made him a true No. 1 option on a team full of primary options. His athleticism is already off the charts. Mack is taking the necessary steps forward to be a 5-star prospect.

Ethan Mott | 6’5” | Handlelife

Mott, garnered a ton of attention throughout Session 1 due to his spectacular performance characterized by his above-the-rim plays and relentless downhill attacks. His ability to control the game with his verticality and consistent slashing style of play left scouts and fellow players chatting about Mott. He is a stock riser for sure!

Jayden Wooley | 6’1” | Alabama Celtics

Wooley has a lengthy build that he uses to his advantage. His versatility will be an asset to any playing style and system that he is introduced to. His adaptability and consistency makes him an instant “plug and play” player, ready to contribute effectively in any game situation. A player that will be on most people’s radar soon.

Cameron Hurst | 6’2” | Team Huncho 3SSB

Hurst has flashes of elite two-way capabilities. He’s another versatile player who excels at both ends of the floor in just about whatever role you place him in. His defensive prowess is one of his best traits. It is evident in his ability to shut down opponents with his quick footwork and anticipation skills, leading to numerous steals and disrupted plays. Hurst can get a bucket too. Playing both ends is important, and he influences his team to follow his lead.