OTR Hoops: Birmingham Classic Final Look from @CoachHindsRCS – March 28, 2024

ALABASTER, Alabama, – On the Radar Hoops returned to the greater Birmingham area to host the Birmingham Classic. Nearly sixty teams from the Southeast lined up to compete at the top tier facility at Thompson High School. Here is a look at prospects that have placed themselves on the radar with their standout performances.

By: David Hinds

Tyson Moore – AJ Bouye Elite – 2025

Tyson Moore is a well-rounded guard who plays with a high level of confidence. Everything about Moore’s offensive game screams efficiency. From his confident outside stroke to his ability to finish around the cup, he is just a solid all-around player. Moore is also a plus option on the defensive end where he moves his feet well and can be a defensive stopper at times.

Aiden Grady – Young Kings Elite – 2026

Aiden Grady is a confident young floor general who makes his team’s offense run smoothly and competently. Surrounded by elite talent, Grady does an amazing job tying all the pieces together and keeping all his teammates happy. With that said, Grady is no slouch scoring the ball himself. Known to get hot from deep at any time he has a bit of microwave ability in that he can get hot quickly and with a moment’s notice.

Andrew Dudley – Rocket City Suns – 2025

Andrew Dudley is a big wing that knows how to exploit mismatches. Standing around 6’5 with a very solidly built frame, Dudley is a walking mismatch that is too big for guards and much too quick for traditional bigs. He is also a knockdown shooter from the corners which serves him well in this Rocket City Suns offense. Another impressive aspect of Dudley’s game is his ability to finish strongly in transition. Plus, athleticism allows Dudley to finish strongly above the rim.

Johnathon Johnson – Iron City Huskies – 2026

Johnathon Johnson is a jumbo playmaker who is also one of the more gifted athletes regardless of class at this event. Johnson threw down several rim rocking dunks in transition and is a load to handle for most defenders. It is incredibly hard to stop Johnson when he picks up a head of steam and that allows him to create efficient offense for himself as well as his Iron City Huskies teammates.

Joseph King – Team Dr1ven – 2025

Joseph King has mastered the art of roaming the dunkers spot. The long and lanky post takes advantage of his team’s solid guard play by making himself an easy target around the rim for drop off and lob passes for easy dunks. In a highly competitive matchup with the Rocket City Suns, King threw down several powerful slams despite being matched up with another athletic post presence. King was consistent across the entire weekend and deserves looks from college coaches as the summer progresses.

Christian Carr – No Excuses Elite – 2025

Christian Carr is one half of one of the more impressive backcourts at the Birmingham Classic. Carr takes on more of the traditional point guard role for his team and does an amazing job of creating offense at a moment’s notice. The shifty guard is powerful in his movements and is hard to stop when he barrels towards the basket. Carr is a well-developed passer who creates easy looks for his teammates.

David Hinds has been an Evaluator for On the Radar Hoops since 2024. He is the Program Director/17u HC of the Rocket City Suns and is the Head JV/Assistant Varsity Coach at St. John Paul II Catholic HS in Huntsville, Alabama. You can reach him at rocketcitysuns@gmail.com and follow him on twitter @CoachHindsRCS.