OTR Hoops: Birmingham Classic Weekend Standouts – March 28, 2024

ALABASTER, Alabama, – On the Radar Hoops returned to the greater Birmingham area to host the Birmingham Classic. Nearly sixty teams from the Southeast lined up to compete at the top tier facility at Thompson High School. Here is a look at prospects that have placed themselves on the radar with their standout performances.

By: David Hinds

Hannibal Smith – AJ Bouye Elite – 2025

Hannibal Smith is a long, rangy athlete that is capable of guarding 1-5. I was impressed with Smith’s ability to match up with a variety of archetypes defensively while still maintaining his lockdown presence. Smith has good lateral quickness for the position and really moves his feet well. There is always room at the next level for guys that are can be moved across the lineup defensively.

Caden Anderson-Teal – Team Dr1ven – 2025

Anderson-Teal is as versatile as they come. I’m not sure what position to say he plays as he can simply be moved anywhere in the lineup. Anderson-Teal has good size and is a matchup nightmare regardless of where you put him. Too big and long for smaller guards/wings and much too quick for traditional bigs. He has the look and feel of a next level prospect at this point in his development.

Tanner Chandler – T-Town Kings – 2025

Tanner Chandler is a key cog in the well-oiled machine of a T-Town Kings offense. One of the go-to guys in arguably the most dominant offense at the event, Chandler is able to get his in a multitude of ways. He showed extreme efficiency in the spot-up game while also having the ability to put the ball on the floor and create buckets. Chandler has good size for the wing position and knows how to use his frame to his advantage.

Zay Nalls – Georgia Legacy – 2025

Zay Nalls is a dog on the court. At his best on the defensive end of the court where his aggression and athleticism are allowed to shine. Nalls is no slouch on the offensive end either where he showed the ability to knock down the pull up jumper at a high rate. Just as adept at finishing around the rim as well, Nalls is already efficient but has ample room to grow on the offensive end. Once he puts it all together Nalls will be a promising prospect for the college game.

Naode Meles – No Excuses Elite – 2025

Meles is the prototypical 3&D prospect. Long and lanky at 6’5, Meles showed the ability to knock down contested 3’s all weekend. Meles does a great job playing off of the talented backcourt that No Excuses Elite possesses and never tries to do as much. Does a good job on the defensive end of using his length and footwork to stimy opposing matchups.

Dominic Muobike – Rocket City Suns – 2025

Dominic Muobike is just beginning to scratch the tantalizing potential at his disposal. Standing 6’8 with a college-ready frame, Muobike does all the things you would expect of a big man in the modern game. Protects the rim at a high level, rebounds outside of his area, and finishes anything around the rim. Where the exciting potential comes in is when he puts the ball on the floor and shows off his expanding post-game. Muobike flashes a turnaround jumper that is incredibly hard to defend with his length and bounce.


David Hinds has been an Evaluator for On the Radar Hoops since 2024. He is the Program Director/17u HC of the Rocket City Suns and is the Head JV/Assistant Varsity Coach at St. John Paul II Catholic HS in Huntsville, Alabama. You can reach him at rocketcitysuns@gmail.com and follow him on twitter @CoachHindsRCS.