OTR Hoops: Florida Battleground Session 2 5th/6th Grade Prime Performers – April 11, 2024

The younger groups are always fun to evaluate due to their nonstop competitiveness. 5th and 6th grade group energy and effort were unmatched.

By: Bilal Benjamin

6th grade

Isaiah Kelly | Tre Mann Elite

Kelly made it rain all weekend for Tre Mann Elite. He had multiple games with 4+ threes made and one game he hit 5 threes. His sharpshooting wasn’t the only thing on display. Kelly used his body well as he drove to the basket and finished through contact. He leads by example with this group. They click on all cylinders when he’s fully locked in.

Austin Gonzalez Berries | Rivera Sports

Gonzalez is a wiry prospect that can score inside and outside. He had his jumper rolling which helped his team capture a 4-0 record. He plays so freely and is a true teammate. Gonzalez will make a winning play when needed.

Eric Dobson | Rivera Sports

Dobson is a combo guard that usually flies all over the floor. He’s consistently turning defense into offense and being extremely unselfish with the ball. He has a knack for making the right play and being patient. Dobson didn’t get rattled even when his team went down in games. He kept his head up and analyzed the game from start to finish.

Mykel Benson Jr | MBJ Elite

Benson Jr has the size, basketball IQ and skill set to be good. He scored on all three levels and played solid defense throughout Session two. Benson Jr’s motor was something to behold as he kept his team afloat game in and game out. He also secured some victories with great rebounding and defensive awareness.

Landon Snyder | South FL Dawgs

Snyder is a scoring machine. He gets to his spots so easily with his lanky frame and troubles defenses with his play making. Snyder has a great team around him, and he makes them even better. He slashes with the best of them and runs the offense with precision. Look out for the South Florida Dawgs in the Finals.

5th grade

Justin Armstrong | Hoop Dynasty

Armstrong earned himself MVP honors of Session two for the 5th grade division due to his ability to rise to the occasion and deliver under pressure. He played a pivotal role in their three wins. Even in their lone loss, he was spectacular. Armstrong averaged 20+ points scoring all over the floor and making an impact on both ends.

Ayden Lowman | 2032 | KTE Elite

Lowman is a 4th grader playing up and hit the biggest shot of the weekend. Lowman courageously took a contested three from the corner in double OT and nailed it with pure confidence. He and his team sprinted all over the floor in excitement as they won a huge back and forth matchup against Florida Blaze. We need that rematch in the Finals!

Maze Whitlow | Hoop Nightmare

Whitlow is a confident but humble scorer. He doesn’t celebrate often and his moves aren’t flashy, but he can put the ball in the hoop. Whitlow had multiple 20-point games throughout Session two and scored on all three levels in the process of helping his team secure a 3-1 record.

Kael Stock | Tre Mann Elite

Stock is a versatile basketball player. He had the ability to excel both inside the paint and outside on the perimeter. His agility and strength allow him to dominate in the post, while his shooting accuracy makes him a threat from beyond the arc. Stock’s diverse skill set enables him to adapt to different game situations and contribute significantly to Tre Mann Elite’s success. They’re 8-0 heading into the finals.

Parker Graham | Tre Mann Elite

Graham’s defensive skills have made him an on-ball nightmare for offensive players, disrupting plays and shutting down opponents. His ability to anticipate movements and react swiftly has been amazing. Graham’s game extends beyond defense, as he poses a significant challenge for defenders when driving downhill. His combination of speed, agility, and ball-handling skills make him a versatile threat on offense.