OTR Hoops: Florida Battleground Session I – 5th Grade Prime Performers – March 16, 2024

The 5th grade division had some of the best back and forth moments throughout Session one. This group took pride in their defense.

By: Bilal Benjamin

Landon Hunter | Iren Rainey (Pictured Above)

Hunter delivered outstanding scoring performances at Session one. His ability to consistently put the ball in the hoop and make winning plays earned him MVP honors for 5th grade. Hunter is a talented scorer that plays at an amazing pace. He is a player to track.

Maddox Calmes | Hoop Nightmare

Calmes has a unique ability to read defenses. His awareness of opponents’ movements allows him to anticipate plays and make strategic decisions swiftly. His on-ball defense and overall scoring was a huge boost for Hoop Nightmare. Despite his age, Calmes exhibits a remarkable talent.

Jaden Isaacs | Hoop Nightmare

Isaacs has an impressive jump shot. He let it fly throughout Session one and that allowed his team to keep the edge of most opponents. Isaacs also possesses a deep understanding of the game. He moves well without the basketball and looks to make the right play. Isaacs and Calmes complement each other well.

Jordan Carrier | Tre Mann Elite

Carrier is highly skilled. His ball-handling and playmaking stood out most. Carrier is extremely quick and has good footwork that always him to get anywhere he desires on the court. His shiftiness was a lot to handle throughout Session one. Carrier is a valuable playmaker for Tre Mann Elite. With his consistent play this team will go far.

Jaxon Jones | Grassroots Academy

Jones plays the game with a good balance of physicality and finesse. He utilized his body to capitalize on mismatches and showcased a pure understanding of the game. His game certainly caught the eye of his opponents he’ll see throughout the Florida Battleground.

Willie Hill | Duval Grizzlies

Hill seamlessly turned defense to offense throughout Session one. None bigger than the most crucial moment in the game, when the score was tied and Florida Blaze had a fast break opportunity to win the game. Hill got a steal, went coast to coast and nailed the game winner. That shot propelled Duval Grizzlies to 2-2 in Session one.