OTR Hoops: Florida Battleground Session I 8th Grade Standouts – March 20, 2024

We highlight players in the 8th grade division from the Florida Battleground. Featured are a few of the promising prospects which ought to be tracked heading into spring and summer play.

By: Bilal Benjamin

Nijaun Harris | Tre Mann Elite

Mr. MVP of the 8th grade division in Session one and would’ve been the overall MVP if we had one. Harris has the total package and a nice frame at the wing position. He’s a true shooter that can put the ball on the floor and make plays. Harris’ ability to score efficiently from all areas of the court set up Tre Mann Elite to dominate. His versatility and strategic gameplay set him apart from his peers in the first go round.

Camryn Lee | Tre Mann Elite (Pictured at Top)

Lee excels as a shifty guard with a high motor. His decision making is a strong point for this Tre Mann Elite group. He’s playing with some many talented players that need the ball and he has figured out ways to keep everyone happy. Lee is one of those lead guards that coaches can feel as though he is an extension of them on the floor. Not to mention Lee can put the ball in the basket at a high clip as well.

Jahmir Wallace | Tre Mann Elite

Wallace embodies the characteristics of a modern big. He possesses the power, grit, agility, ball-handling skills, post work and shooting touch to be a force at the forward position in high school. He was a reliable three-point shooter and rebounder at Session one. A unique part of Wallace’s game was his passing out of double teams. He has a lot of game that translates well in today’s game.

Laquan Prunty | Tre Mann North

Prunty has the knack to analyze defensive strategies and adjust his gameplay accordingly. That was a beautiful sight to see. He has the skill and quickness to get where he wants, but he played at a pace that controlled games. Keep a close eye on his performance going forward. Special guard on the rise.

Andrew Bailey | Rivera Sports

Bailey has increased athleticism and a hyperactive nature on the court. His quick twitches were on full display in Session one. Bailey’s energy was contagious. He consistently made plays on the perimeter and the open floor. Expect Bailey to be a key contributor to Rivera Sports success on both ends of the floor in the next 2 sessions.

Max Code | ABG All-Stars

Code is a pure scorer. He had a 26-point putting that caught the eye of many in his first game of Session one. He effortlessly maneuvered through defenses to pick his spots and get quality buckets. Code led ABG All-Stars to a 4-0 record. He’s easily one of the best shooters in the 2028 class coming out of Florida.