OTR Hoops: Florida Eye Catchers – February 16, 2024

In this article we highlight some of the most impactful players in Florida this year. All of these players should be tracked during the 2024 evaluation periods.

By: Bilal Benjamin

CJ Hall | 2025 | 6’5” | Hilliard HS | Hilliard, FL (Pictured Above)

Hall is averaging 15 points, 7 rebounds and 2 steals per game. He has elite level athleticism and is a dog on the defensive end of the floor. Hall can light it up in a split second. Ironically, he’s averaging 5 points less this season, but his team has improved, and he is looking to get his teammates involved more. With Hall’s leadership and ability to spread the love on the court, Hilliard is 22-2 heading into the state playoffs. Hall can be your leading scorer and main contributor on a winning ball club. Buy stock now!

Caleb Sanders | 2025 | 6’7” | Bell Creek Academy | Riverview, FL

Currently ranking 3rd amongst juniors in rebounds with 13 per game, Sanders is a big guard that can push the pace and control the game. He can play positions 1-4 on any given night. This makes him a matchup nightmare. Sanders is also averaging 17 points, 4 assists, 4 steals and 3 blocks per game. His recruitment is sure to pick up after the season he’s produced. He holds an offer from Portland.

Travis Triplett | 2026 | 6’9” | Carrollwood Day | Tampa, FL

Triplett is a well skilled big that runs the floor with purpose. Baseline to baseline he gives it his all. Defensively, Triplett’s size allows him to effectively contest shots and intimidate opponents, making it difficult for them to score in the paint. His ability to protect the rim and secure rebounds at such a high clip gives his team extra possessions. He’s averaging a double-double with 15 points and 13 rebounds per game. Triplett is formidable on both ends of the floor.

Isaiah Newson | 2026 | 5’11” | North Fort Myers HS | North Fort Myers, FL

Newson had one of the most impressive single game performances in high school basketball this season. He scored 69 points on 87% shooting, grabbed 5 boards, and racked up 5 steals. In that same game, Newson scored his 1,000th point. He currently leads all sophomores in the state of Florida in scoring, averaging 25 points per game. Newson is a scoring machine that will have a lot of eyes on him during the travel season.

Cayden Daughtry | 2027 | 6’0” | Calvary Christian Academy | Fort Lauderdale, FL

Daughtry already holds three division 1 offers from Arizona State, Florida State and Mississippi State. He’s been playing varsity since 7th grade and has an overall point per game average of 16.8. Daughtry is a fluid three level scorer. With each passing year, Daughtry continues to elevate his game and expand his basketball knowledge. His IQ is off the charts! He will be a force on the Florida Rebels this spring and summer.

Bilal R. Benjamin is the Basketball Operations Coordinator for On the Radar Hoops. Upon coming on board, he founded 1st Love Basketball where he serves as a scout, journalist and showcase operator. He is a former basketball trainer and coach. Bilal trained players in grassroots hoops all the way up to professional. His journalism and scouting career have been far more extensive than training and coaching already. He began scouting in 2016 and eventually took on journalism along with scouting full time in July of 2019 when he founded 1st Love Basketball. Bilal has covered and evaluated some of the best in grassroots all the way to the NBA.