OTR Hoops: Florida Memorial Day Classic – Day 3 Standouts – May 28, 2024

ORLANDO, Florida, – On the Radar Hoops returns to the Sunshine State to host the second annual Memorial Day Classic. This event provides a prime opportunity for teams to get competition and for players to receive exposure. Here is a final look at the players who stood out from the event.

By: Jonathan Hemingway

Daniel Osasjoshua – Austin Rivers SE Elite – 2025

Osasjoshua ended the tournament on a strong note on Sunday afternoon. He turned in a 19-point effort in a win. He is a well built 6-foot-3 point guard who uses his athleticism and strength to score off the dribble. He displayed good instincts on either end of the floor and looks poised for a strong summer.

Urijah Newkirk – Lakeland Spartans – 2027

Newkirk is a skilled guard who is ready to score anytime he hits the court. He displays balance and footwork when gets the ball in his hands. He is a crafty handler who will keep defenders off balance with an array of step backs and misdirection moves. He is just a sophomore and still has physical maturity left to gain. Add his name to your list of prospects from the Sunshine State.

Calvin Laing – Austin Rivers SE Elite – 2027

Laing is an impressive athlete that caught our eye in one of the final games of the tournament on Sunday. He is a 6-4 wing that plays a productive utility role for his squad. Mobile and agile, he uses his size and strength to score in traffic and snatch rebounds at the rim. He looks to be a double-double threat who can also block some shots nightly. Laing proved his versatility on this day as well. He knocked down a couple of 3-pointers in the rhythm of the offense. He is an intriguing prospect who should garner more attention as he continues to deliver big performances.

Keshawn Andrews – Largo Seminoles – 2026

Andrews is a versatile 6-4 wing-forward with athleticism and ball skill. We took note of his ball handling versus the opponent’s full court pressure. He kept his eyes up and quickly delivered the ball to open teammates in stride. He also proved to be a reliable scorer in the half court. He attacked gaps off the dribble and connected on an array of midrange jumpers and finishes in the paint.

Samuel Pino – Puerto Rico Basketball Academy – 2026

Pino and his teammates from Puerto Rico are putting together an inspiring story. Despite being outside the continental United States, this group of ball players are determined to earn an opportunity to stateside to continue their dreams on the hardwood. Pino delivered one of the more complete performances from a point guard on Sunday morning. He produced high IQ plays while also exhibiting quickness and athleticism that the defense was not ready to contain. His ability to run the offense and then create plays gives us reason to believe that he is prospect to be considered at the collegiate level. He brings a steady hand to the back court as well as a burst of speed when needed.

Vince Kray – SEBA Basketball – 2026

Kray had a great day on Sunday. The big man proved he belonged and contributed to his team’s efforts in several ways. He is a reliable rebounder in his area, and he showed promise as an offensive player. We took note of his instincts as a passer. He delivered a few assists from the top of the key as well as dropping timely interior passes within the flow of the offense. He has length and a frame that can add some good weight and strength as well. With two years of high school ball in front of him, Kray is a player worth keeping on the radar.

Giullani Blaise – Team Breakdown – 2027 

Watching Blaise’s game last weekend was a breath of fresh air. He is a left-handed combo forward with versatility with scoring touch and passing ability. He creates interesting angles to finish around defenders by using body control and footwork. It was his passing ability that impressed us the most. Although he worked primarily as a screener in the half-court offense, he found chances to dish when the help rotated to his basket rolls out of the high post. His blend of skill, finesse and body physique gives us optimism for his game moving forward.

Jonathan Hemingway has been a National Evaluator for On the Radar Hoops since 2013. He has been involved in the basketball community since 1995 as a coach, camp director and evaluator. You can reach him at JLHemingway@gmail.com and follow him on twitter @JL_Hemingway.