OTR Hoops: Friday Night Stars from BTS Report – April 22, 2024

Summer Jam Friday Night Stars

By: Robert Alfonso

2026 | Hybo Chi Xu | FOTL (Pictured Above)

Xu is as smooth as it comes when it comes to shooting the basketball. The 6-foot-3 guard put the ball on the deck to create strong scoring opportunities for himself or others around him. When he found himself open the jumper would fly from his hand and slice through the net. It was impressive to see him zoned in but not looking to force shots. This translated to the defensive end of the floor. He sat down and deflected a few passes to help generate transition baskets. Xu is a standout worth tracking.

2028 | Bobby Harpring | Hoop Atlanta

Harpring had a big evening Friday night. This floor general handles pressure well on and off the court. There were moments where he escaped double teams to eventually find teammates or get into the lane himself. His demeanor on the floor never changed, especially when he was challenged to play more aggressive on defense. He responded by locking in defensively, which helped Hoop Atlanta to victory. Harpring made the right plays finishing with 24 points and two assists, including a halftime 3-pointer at the buzzer beater.

2026 | Gavyn Gates | Warriors Elite

Gates had the best scoring performance on the night. He scored a 30-point ball. The quick guard was like a blur on the floor. He raced through defenders before getting to the basket for easy layups. His jumper kept defenders guessing with the range and his ability to blow by them. Gates felt like he could not miss despite all the defensive attention.

2027 | Chase Holt | Carroll Premier

Holt refused to be stopped on the opening night. Any time he touched the ball something good was going to happen. He was either getting into the lane for a smooth floater or nailing a few three pointers from deep. His game was fluid for the Alabama-based program. He was locked in defensively making a few stops, which included a block. His ability to cause havoc on either end of the floor made him standout early on.

Beau Kelly 2026 @beaukelly22

2026 | Beau Kelly | NWGA Select

Kelly has the All-American look but is a bruiser on the hardwood. No, he is not just throwing his weight around. He is a calculated tactician who attacks the basket like a player refusing to be stopped. His strength helps him absorb the contact while finishing at the basket. He has a solid mid-range jumper and a good knack for getting to the boards.