OTR Hoops: Proven Grounds Standouts Part 3 via @CoachHindsRCS – May 9, 2024

Fultondale , Alabama, – On the Radar Hoops returned to the Fultondale area to host the Alabama Proven Grounds. Numerous teams from the Southeast lined up to compete at the top tier facility at Fultondale HS. Here is a look at prospects that have placed themselves on the radar with their standout performances.

By: David Hinds

Johnathon Kusmiy – Rocket City Suns – 2024 (Pictured Above)

Johnathon Kusmiy is an unsigned senior for the Rocket City Suns that does all the things you expect from a 6’8 center, plus some additional traits that make him particularly appealing to the next level. Kusmiy is a phenomenal rebounder where he is able to show off his relentless pursuit of the ball, quick jumping ability, and a strong frame. Kusmiy isn’t afraid of the dirty work at all. He is also a capable offensive player where he is efficient working in the low or mid post with an array of moves that he can pull out of the bag at any time.

Mason Moats – Alpha Elite – 2028

Mason Moats has good positional size for the forward position. He forms a two headed twin tower setup with teammate, Cooper Robley. Both of these young bigs share similar traits. Moats is able to step away from the basket and knock down a jumper while still being efficient around the basket. Moats has a ton of potential on the defensive end of the floor where he combines plus length with serviceable athleticism.

Kaden Leggette – Players Only – 2028

Kaden Leggette exudes confidence on the basketball floor. Leggette is a heady point guard that is all about setting his teammates up for success. I was incredibly impressed with his floor game and ability to run an efficient offense at such a young age. Leggette will be a prospect to track over the years as he has all the early signs of being a high-level point guard in his high school career.

Austin Dudley – OFW Galaxy – 2025

Austin Dudley was one of the more impressive perimeter players in attendance. The Hoover HS product has a quick trigger and isn’t afraid to let the trey ball fly in a defender’s face. He has more wiggle to his game than you would expect and is a great straight-line driver as well with a deep bag of floaters and off-balance lays to his credit. Dudley is also a capable defender that has quick hands and a relentless desire for the ball.

Jayden Hall – OFW Galaxy – 2026

Jayden Hall is next in line for the OFW Galaxy program. The stocky guard is a tremendous athlete with quick twitch burst and can really got off the floor fast. He has a tight handle with room to add creation but is very steady in his manner right now. There is potential to become a go-to scorer over the next couple years and all the writing is on the wall for Hall to become another high-level guard prospect for the OFW Galaxy.

David Hinds has been an Evaluator for On the Radar Hoops since 2024. He is the Program Director/17u HC of the Rocket City Suns and is the Head JV/Assistant Varsity Coach at St. John Paul II Catholic HS in Huntsville, Alabama. You can reach him at rocketcitysuns@gmail.com and follow him on twitter @CoachHindsRCS.