OTR Hoops – Saturday Standouts from The Opening – March 16, 2024

MARIETTA, Georgia, – On the Radar Hoops is hosting The Opening this weekend. More than 100 teams packed into four locations which is making for an exciting kickoff to the spring travel season. Our evaluators and staff covered many of the teams on day one. Here is a snapshot of a few names to remember coming out of Saturday’s action.

By: Jonathan Hemingway

Zach Bleshoy – Atlanta Timberwolves – 2025

Bleshoy is a 6-4 guard who proved he can compete with the top athletes in the Metro Atlanta area this weekend. The lefty accelerates quick to the bucket and is a primary playmaker for his team. His blend of size, finesse, and strength is a good combination to have as a back court prospect. Expect Bleshoy’s name to be a popular one this spring.

Isaiah Camon – Devin Butts Elite – 2025

We are always on the look out for the next true floor general. Camon submitted his application this weekend. Camon is a chiseled athlete who can sit in a stance and defend any ball handler in the gym. On the offensive end we took note of his post feeding ability and his willingness to get his teammates in the flow of the offense. We have a suspicion that there is even more to see in his game as it relates to shot creation in the mid-range.

Malik Gillespie – Warner Robins All-Stars – 2026

Gillespie is a known commodity although still an underclassman. The Warner Robins All-Star program has done a terrific job of putting Gillespie in situations where he can flourish and be seen in recent years. But the ceiling has not been put on this young man’s future yet. His reputation as a ready-made scorer was confirmed once again on Saturday as he exploded for 27 points in a win. We will be paying attention to which college coaches express their interest in the upcoming months.

Luke Jack – Sewer South – 2025

Jack has been adored by all the OTR evaluators in previous years. Dating back to him competing at the Southern Hoops Report Showcase as a freshman. Since then, he continues to prove that he is a talented ball player that has a fair amount of athleticism to complement his skill set. This weekend, Jack made the case that he should be considered as a primary scoring option on a good team. He had stretches where he was able to get a bucket whenever he chose to get one. If he displays these skills consistently on the circuit this spring, we expect him to be a prospect of interest this summer.

Braden Moore – Georgia Canes – 2025

The Lee County point guard has pricked everyone’s attention this month. It started with a stellar outing last weekend at the Southern Hoops Report Spring Showcase. There he showed that he is an advanced ball handler with an eye for delivering an on time-on target assist. On Saturday, he proved he can produce jumpers in the clutch. We have his name circled for future evaluations.

Jon Pickering – Sewer South – 2025

The Savannah native impressed us in his first two outings at the event. He attracted our interest in the first game with his shot blocking ability. On multiple occasions he sprang from the opposite side of the lane to swat a shot to the baseline. Pickering is 6-foot-3, which is a decent height, but certainly not a height that you would expect a shot blocker to be. In the second game of the day, Pickering showed off his ball skill and ability to get to his spots with the dribble. We think the best days of his game are still in front of him.

Connor Teasley – Georgia Canes – 2025

There were not too many players who could match the productivity of Teasley on Saturday afternoon. He is wired to score. His sleight build and modest height will deceive the unsuspecting. But this young man will beat you if you do not attend to him. If he has an angle, he will turn it into a scoring opportunity. His touch around the rim is matched by his soft touch from beyond the arc. We were impressed with Teasley’s game and expect him to find even more success this spring with the Canes.

Jonathan Hemingway has been a National Evaluator for On the Radar Hoops since 2013. He has been involved in the basketball community since 1995 as a coach, camp director and evaluator. You can reach him at JLHemingway@gmail.com and follow him on twitter @JL_Hemingway.