OTR Hoops: Summer Jam Saturday Standouts @JHillsman – April 23, 2024

Saturday Standouts at Hirma High School

By: Joel Hillsman

2026 Brandon Nelson– AC Georgia (Pictured Above): The work is showing for Nelson. Nelson displayed an overall game featuring attacking, active rebounding, passing, mid-range shooting, extended perimeter shooting, playing through contact, defensive activity that led to strips and steals and easy buckets most of the day. Nelson’s highlight of the weekend was 31-point performance in a two-point victory over the Georgia Stunners where these attributes were displayed.

2027 King Johnson– Team Young & Motivated: Johnson is an engineering point guard who is always looking to pass first. He finds teammates in the half court and in transition all while playing at his pace. He showed the ability to score off drives and plays well in space. Defensively he has active hands and moves his feet well routinely beating his opponent to the spot.

2027 Khalid Jones– East Point Rebels 2027: Jones is a crafty guard that puts pressure on defenses with straight-line drives and his quickness in the open floor. Jones can use his length to close passing lanes for opponents which leads to a number of strips, steals and deflections.

2027 Aiden Moses– Team Dickerson: Moses is a true floor general that has a high ceiling as he continues to develop. Moses possesses a steady hand offensively when running the offense, can hit timely shots and his vision creates a number of scoring chances for others. Defensively he is very sound, does not gamble and guards his yard well.

2027 Dre Cherry Jr.– Team Young & Motivated: Cherry is a balanced offensive threat that can score inside and step out and hit the mid-range jumper. Cherry is a quality rebounder and had a knack for getting second chance points and completing defensive possessions with aggressive rebounds.

2026 Dyllan Harris– Future Kings 2026: Harris is solid guard that knows when to score and when to facilitate. Harris had multiple games where he led the team in scoring and assists with balance and engineers the offense well. He has a knack for making plays on the defensive end to start the break and always has his head up looking to make the best basketball play.

2027 Jordan Autry-Team Young & Motivated (Pictured Above):  Autry is a particularly good shooter who can shoot off the catch and off the bounce. He plays very well off the ball, is always moving offensively and knows how to find his spots within an offense.

2027 Jayce Touchstone- Team Forrest: Touchstone is a highly active player on both ends of the floor. He is a slashing player that had a number of dunks because of his off-ball movement as well as a number of second chance points because of his activity on the glass. Defensively he contested shots, blocked shots, and played good defense without fouling.

2027 Keelan Day- Georgia Stars Select: Day showed he can shoot it hitting three three-pointers in a 24-point effort in a win over Team Dickerson. The perimeter game opened due to his ability to drive by the defense and get below the foul line and he kept defenders guessing. Day was extremely aggressive defensively and that forced a number of live ball turnovers by opponents that turned into points for his team.

2027 Marquise Evans- Team Carroll Premier: Evans lives around the glass on both ends. He is extremely aggressive, determined to get rebounds, loose balls, and contest everything on defense. He plays with a physical nature but without fouling and scores well in the paint and off the dribble. His activity always travels.