OTR Hoops: Sweet 16 Prime Performers 2026-2027 – May 23, 2024

Players from the class of 2026-2027 which performed the best during the first live period of the 2024 season.

By: Bilal Benjamin

Kayden Allen | 6’6” | 2026 | Montverde Academy (FL)

Kayden Allen has shown remarkable progress from 8th to 10th grade. The game looks notably easier for Allen. Everything has slowed down and he dictates the pace of play. Allen has a refined mid-range game where he racked up points and took the shots given to him, rather than hunt for shots. His transfer to Montverde Academy has exposed him to top-tier competition, a factor contributing to his rapid development and success among the elites of 2026.

Clyde Walter’s | 6’7” | 2026 | Pinson Valley HS (AL)

Clyde Walters possesses elite athleticism, which enables him to attack defenses effectively by opening the floor for his teammates. He defends multiple positions and has a deep understanding of the game. With a keen eye for the nuances of the game, Walters consistently executed plays and made impactful contributions with or without the ball at the Sweet 16. He’s a promising talent to invest in.

Jacob Zhu | 6’0” | 2026 | Next Level Academy (GA)

Jacob Zhu, a highly sought-after 2026 guard, has garnered attention due to his electrifying performances at the lead guard position. Zhu’s skill set as a three-level scorer allows him to use his craftiness to play free and get wherever he wants. He has exceptional range and court vision. Zhu has developed more in the playmaking realm. He is simply gifted offensively. Going to be amazing to see where he is in 2 years.

Isaac Buckley | 6’5” | 2026 | Jones HS (FL)

Isaac Buckley dominates the high-mid post with his physical prowess. His imposing build serves as a significant advantage on the court, allowing him to assert his presence and control the game effectively. Buckley’s ability to utilize his strength to overpower opponents made him a force at the Sweet 16. He’s best at the 3 but can develop into a 2 if his three ball is consistent. The defense, ability and IQ is there.

Cameron Jackson | 6’4” | 2026 | East Paulding HS (GA)

Cameron Jackson was on fire in every way possible at the Sweet 16. He’s a wiry athletic wing who excels in pushing the pace of the game and creating scoring opportunities in transition. He floated up and down the court. Jackson also has a reliable mid-range game and a sharp shooting touch from beyond the arc. His game allows him to effectively space the floor and create mismatches against defenders. Jackson had the dunk of the Sweet 16; super bouncy!

Messiah Millin | 5’11” | 2026

Messiah Millin is a skilled guard that utilized effective pocket passes and snake dribbles to make countless plays for SMB throughout the Live Period. His ability to navigate through the defense and consistently make the correct decisions on the court sets him apart. Notably, Millin demonstrated his versatility by showcasing his scoring prowess alongside his playmaking skills.

Andrew Taylor III | 5’7” | 2026

Andrew Taylor III is a lead guard known for being relentless and controlling the pace of play. His ability to drive to the basket makes it challenging for defenders to keep up with him, especially when he gains momentum heading towards the hoop. Taylor’s proficiency in mastering the mid-range jumper adds another dimension to his offensive arsenal. Expecting a huge junior year for Taylor III.

Chance Reynolds | 5’8” | 2027 | Columbia HS (GA)

Chance Reynolds is an emerging lead guard in the class of 2027. With his skills and agility, Reynolds poses a serious threat to opponents, particularly on the perimeter. As he undergoes further physical development, coaches should closely monitor his progress and performance. Reynolds is a dead-eye shooter with ice in his veins. He’s been taking and making big shots since middle school. Reynolds is a fearless player in the backcourt.

Jace Edwards | 6’0” | 2027 | Woodlawn HS (GA)

Jace Edwards showcases exceptional versatility. During the Sweet 16 Edwards impressed with all-around performance, contributing significantly in points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals. He’s a true two-way, triple threat prospect. His ability to impact the game on both ends of the floor makes him extremely valuable.