OTR Hoops: The Gauntlet 2027-2029 Prime Performers – April 16, 2024

Here are underclassmen and middle schoolers who shone brightly at The Gauntlet.

By: Bilal Benjamin

Markel Holmes | 904 Elite | 6’0“ | 2027 | San Jose Prep (FL) (Pictured above on the left)

Holmes had a 40 ball at The Gauntlet! He was on an absolute heater. In that game he set the tone with 22 points in the 1st half & picked up where he left off. Holmes is a two-way prospect and a three-level scoring threat. He is the full package at the guard spot. In transition, Holmes was second to none as he showed off elite finishing ability around the rim and shifty open court moves. He is a sleeper in 2027.

Damarri Young | 904 Elite | 6’0” | 2027 | San Jose Prep (FL) (Pictured above on the right)

Young is a smooth crafty prospect that has the ball on a string. He gets constant paint touches and makes game winning decisions out of pick and roll action. Young can also let it fly from deep, but he doesn’t force anything. He has a great shooting touch from the outside and can get the midrange consistently. Young is a stellar athlete and player.

Stephen Bell | ISA | 5’6” | 2027 | Jordan Christian Prep (FL)

Bell is a scoring guard who lit up The Gauntlet with multiple 20-point games in impressive fashion. Bell used his quick twitches to get downhill and control games with his floater and midrange jumper. Bell has quick footwork and was very accurate shooting the ball from the field. He has a mean snake dribble that is tough to contain. Scoring guard to keep an eye on.

Gabe Grimsley | Tre Mann Elite | 6’0” | 2027 | Berkeley Prep (FL)

Grimsley is as shifty of a guard you’ll find in 2027. He sets up his teammates beautifully with his dribble drive and two-man action. High level prospect. Grimsley is the prototypical lead guard that you want leading your pick and roll play. He can shoot it and makes firm, accurate decisions with the ball.

Willie Brooks | Tre Mann Elite North | 6’1” | 2027 Gainesville HS (FL)

Brooks showed off a good jump shot, elite defensive mechanics and a high basketball IQ throughout the Gauntlet. He takes pride in his defense and holds his teammates accountable on that end of the floor. Brooks has a strong athletic build. He’s young and growing. Brooks will be a force when his body fully fills out.

Richard Segovia | Florida Pro | 5’9” | 2027 | Archbishop McCarthy (FL)

Segovia is a lead guard from Venezuela that has a good understanding of the game and how the lead guard position should be played. He plays tough, rugged and has a next play mentality. Segovia’s dribble drive and ability to find the open man was keys to victory for Florida Pro. Segovia’s primed for a big summer.

Whitfield Bynoe | Shunshine Elite | 5’6” | 2027 | Orlando Christian Prep (FL)

Bynoe is a small, lion-hearted scorer. He scored in bunches in every game he played in at The Gauntlet. Opposing players had a difficult time staying with him all weekend. Bynoe had a 33-point game in his final game. And he scored 33 with efficiency. He hit nine threes! Bynoe’s is very poised at the lead guard position as he should be, but not many are. He’s an elite small guard.

Camden Cooper | 1 Family | 6’5” | 2028 | St. John’s County Day (FL)

High major prospect in the making! Camden Cooper, 6’5” 2028 wing has one of the best shooting strokes in the nation. He splashed in 10 threes en route to scoring 32 points against great competition, while playing up. Cooper has the frame, range, and mechanics to be a high-level prospect. The fact that Cooper will just be entering high school in the fall lets you know his potential is through the roof.

Jalil Hill | 1 Family | 6’9”

Hill is extremely long and agile. He displayed developing fundamentals and exquisite discipline by catching the ball high and keeping it high on the offensive end, along with putting his hands straight up to alter opposing players shots on the defensive end. Only in 7th grade, he’s a player to keep a close eye on.

Zayden Garcia | 1 Family | 6’2”

Garcia is extremely talented. He’s a two-way slasher that simply gets it! At such a young age he understands the basic concepts of becoming an elite player. His footwork, basketball IQ and will to make a play was unmatched even while playing up. We’ll be talking about Garcia for years to come.