OTR Hoops- The Gauntlet Day 1 Standouts- April 13, 2024

On The Radar Hoops is back in the Sunshine State this weekend presenting The Gauntlet. Many independent programs squared off in quality competition. Here is a report from the standout performances from Day 1 of the event:

By: Ross Van De Griek

2027 6-2 CG Chase Weismiller (Austin Rivers SE Gold) – Pictured Above

Weismiller, showed a ton of confidence and fluidity in his offensive game where he was lethal from 3-point range. On the defensive end, he showed a ton of activity, and his upside has continued to rise to the occasion. Look for him to continue progressing as we head into the summer live period.

2025 6-2 CG Christian Maxon (Florida Pro Hoops)

The 6-2 junior combo guard continues to show that he is one of the top elite shooters in the state. Maxon displayed a smooth offensive game off the catch as well as off the bounce. He plays with a complete edge on the defensive end where he forced turnovers which led to baskets on the offensive end as well.

2025 6-1 PG Trey Fogle (SWFL Hoops 2025 RED)

The 6-1 junior point guard was one of the top two-way prospects I saw on Day 1 at The Gauntlet. On the offensive end, he is a very capable three-level scorer who impacts the game and creates for his teammates at all three levels. On the defensive end, Fogle brought a strong nose for crashing the boards as well as having a high octane to push the basketball in transition.

2025 6-3 CG CJ Hall (1 Family Hoops 17U NXT)

The 6-3 junior combo guard is a confident scorer who can connect on all three levels at the offensive end. He brought toughness as well as physicality on the defensive end and his length was a problem for opposing guards. He’s a big guard with a lot of upside heading into the summer Live Period, as well as his senior year following that.

2024 6-4 CG Kaiden White (Austin Rivers Elite)

The 6-4 senior combo guard continues to be one of the top unsigned prospects who can score off the bounce as well as the catch. He also was very aggressive on the offensive end where he is playing more confidently. His defensive skills have continued to impress as well as his rebounding touch has become smoother as well.

 2025 6-2 CG Xavier Kirkpatrick (Lakeland Spartans)

Kirkpatrick, A 6-2 junior combo guard is a three-level scoring threat on the offensive end. His shooting stroke from behind the arc in the loss to Miami Blue Rays. His on-the-ball defensive skills have continued to rise as he has become quicker and showing elite footwork out on the perimeter. Keep an eye on Kirkpatrick as the summer draws near as he should attract a ton of college coaches on his radar.

2025 6-5 CG Jhett Carter (SE Elite Gold)

The 6-5 junior combo guard plays with a ton of length and upside where his stock continues to rise. Offensively, Carter was in full attack mode knocking down shots at the front of the rim as well as from behind the arc. Carter also knocked down the game-winning shot to lift his team to a win over Powerhouse Black as well.