OTR Hoops: The Gauntlet Day 2 Standouts – April 15, 2024

On The Radar Hoops is back in the Sunshine State this weekend presenting The Gauntlet. Many independent programs squared off in quality competition. Here is a report from the standout performances from Day 2 of the event:

By: Ross Van De Griek

2025 6-8 SF Myles Mayfield (1 Family Hoops)

The 6-8 junior wing is soaring before our eyes as he displays a ton of court vision on the offensive end of the floor, where his athleticism has spoken high volumes. His length on the glass has continued to improve where he can push the basketball up the floor from rebounds and makes the right reads to open teammates.

2026 6-2 PG Malik Gillespie (WR All-Stars)

Gillespie is a truly gifted scorer who can create for himself as well as his teammates whether it’s in space or on the attack. His athleticism where he can get to the front of the rim has continued to improve as well where he is playing with a ton of confidence. Gillespie is going to attract a lot of attention as the spring and summer roll on.

2025 6-3 CG Jayden Jones (SWFL Hoops 2025 RED)

The 6-3 junior combo guard was a walking highlight reel where his creativity stood out as well as his decision-making on when to shoot versus pass the ball. Jones also showed his high-level athleticism where he can finish at the front of the rim with a ton of confidence. His IQ continues to improve, and he will be a name to watch in the rising senior class.

2024 6-6 SF Jeremiah Police (Florida PRO Hoops)

The 6-6 senior wing remains unsigned, but he continues to polish onto the scene every time he steps onto the floor. Offensively, Police has strong handles with both hands as well as the ability to finish off the bounce as well as the catch on multiple scoring levels. Defensively, his activity and his versatility continue to improve where he guards multiple positions and can cover a lot of ground.

2025 6-6 Wing Cameron Bryant (Sunshine Elite)

The 6-6 junior wing plays with a load of physicality and strength on both ends of the floor as well as playing with quickness in the open floor on the offensive end. Defensively, Bryant guarded exceptionally well across all three levels and his length was a problem for opposing players battling on the glass. Look for Bryant to blow up onto the recruiting scene as he’s already gaining interest from several D-1 schools as a junior.

2025 6-1 PG Ayden Hewett (PSB Tampa Bay)

The 6-1 junior point guard brought a ton of fluidity into his offensive game where he scored off the bounce as well as off the catch. Despite the loss to AE5 Florida, Hewitt went off for a team-high 15 points on four made 3-pointers to keep his team afloat. Defensively, Hewett was unafraid when it came to guarding below the rim as he can challenge shots with the best of them. Expecting a breakout spring and summer for Hewett as well as heading into his senior year.

2025 6-3 CG Tate Darner (1 Family Hoops)

In a win over Miami Triple Threat, Darner exploded onto the scene where he finished with a game-high 30 points on 8 made 3-pointers. Darner has become a huge threat as well as playing with a ton of confidence in the last couple of weeks where his perimeter game continues to improve. Darner also makes very good decisions when he has the basketball in his hands where he makes the right reads, as well as getting into open areas. Expect a huge growth spurt in Darner’s game as the spring and summer roll on.

Ross Van De Griek has been scouting with On The Radar Hoops since January 2024, as well as scouting overall since August 2022. You can reach him via email (rossvdg14@gmail.com) or follow him on X/Twitter @RossVDG14.