OTR Hoops: The Opening Standouts from @Jr_OTRH Notebook – March 19, 2024

Standouts from last weekend’s On the Radar Hoops The Opening.

By: Willie Evans

Demari Bailey- Team Forrest 2026

Bailey is one of those guards whose activity you cannot overlook. He is an athletic combo guard that’s comfortable blowing by defenders with his quick burst first step.  Bailey can change the momentum of a game versus opposing teams whether on offense or defense with his nonstop mentality. 

J’Mari Greene- DBE-2026

Devin Butts Elite has changed names but can expect the same quality talent to still be around. Greene had himself quite the weekend bursting onto the scene in a big way. He had a game where he scored 39 points and was easily the best prospect on the floor. Look for Greene’s name to continue to buzz as the speedy guard can handle it and score from any level of the court. 

Von Burton-Team KST-2025

I’ve been familiar with Burton & Team KST for some time, but the young guard has grown up. Heading into his Senior summer, he is built like a football safety but still has the basketball prowess to play at the next level. He can play either guard position and thrives in the open floor making plays at the rim. Whether it be breaking down defenses to slash and score or hit teammates open across the floor, Burton made timely plays for his squad all weekend. 

AJ Williams- J Smoove Celtics-2028

Maybe the prospect with the highest upside that I saw was AJ Williams. As an 8th grader playing up 16U with J Smoove’s 15s, it was clear he was comfortable. He stands 6-foot-5 with long arms and has the look of a big-time wing. The jumper looks pure, and he has deep range off the catch. He also showed he could play off ball screens or iso his man from the top. Williams will be one of GA’s best incoming freshmen this summer. 

JJ Winston- Sewer South-2026

Any time you see Sewer South and their 2026 squad you will notice Winston. He is a gamer that doesn’t shy away from any matchup. He is springy and wired to slash the paint at 6’2. He can catch lobs, hit the 3, and be a monster defensively gathering steals. With two years of high school left, he has time to keep refining his skill and be a staple piece at Rome High. 

Andre Jernigan- Team EYA 2026

Jernigan is one those guards who plays at his own speed. Defenses had trouble keeping up with his stop & go style of play. He made defenses pay for not stopping him and transition and still found success in the half court when the game slowed down. He is a shifty guard that gets what he wants but shares the sugar with teammates finding them for open 3’s or layups off cuts. 

Nolan Nelson- Jet Academy-2027

Jet Academy has lots of guard play, but they also have a staple inside the lane in Nolan Nelson. At 6’7 with good length, Nelson had spurts of dominance on the low block over the weekend. He can score over either shoulder and has patience for pivots or head fakes beyond his years. A threat to shoot the 3 as well, Nelson kept defenses at his mercy, some teams had no answer. 

Willie Evans is a contributor to On the Radar Hoops. Follow him on X at @Jr_OTRH.