OTR Hoops: Atlanta Classic 2024-2025 Prime Performers – April 4, 2024

We present the prime performers in the classes of 2024 and 2025 from the Atlanta Classic.

By: Bilal Benjamin


Khalil Green | Devin Butts Elite | 6’2” | Stratford Academy (GA) (Pictured Above)


Unsigned Senior, Khalil Green showcased his full game for Devin Butts Elite at the Atlanta Classic. He played a big role in their huge win over Team Huncho. Green posted a 22-point game which later in the tournament proved to not be his best performance. Green led his team back on Sunday for another big win and hit the game winner at the buzzer. His ability to deliver under pressure, particularly evident in his clutch baskets down the stretch, showed his value.


Anthony Gause | Team Huncho | 6’2” | Milton HS (GA)

(Offers from Charleston southern and Lindenwood)

Gause is a matchup nightmare on the perimeter. He’s certified bucket getter and it was on full display throughout the Atlanta Classic. His talent allows him to score proficiently from various spots on the court. As an unsigned senior seeking a college basketball program for the upcoming fall, Gause presents a promising opportunity for coaches to acquire a player with a proven track record of scoring prowess.



Zach Foster | Atlanta Celtics | 6’2” | Woodward Academy (GA)

The Atlanta Celtics 3SSB 17s have an impressive roster filled with talent, spearheaded by Zach Foster, a skilled 6’2″ guard. Foster’s playing style is characterized by his elusiveness, decisiveness, and quick footwork, combined with a strong sense of shot selection. Noteworthy college basketball programs such as Cincinnati, Tulane, and Mississippi State are among those who have offered Foster. He’s underrated nationally. 


Caleb Jones | Atlanta Celtics | 6’3” | Benedictine (GA)

Jones can deliver time after time. One of the most consistent players I’ve covered over the past few years. Jones is one of the best shooters and scorers in the southeast region, regardless of class. Jones can flat out light it up from all over the floor. If you don’t know the name, this summer you will. Jones and Foster will complement each other so well in the backcourt. 


Walter Jackson | Atlanta Celtics | 6’9”

Jackson, a 6’9” springy forward, is making significant strides early in the travel season. Very versatility big, Jackson excels at playing above the rim, showing off his impressive athleticism. With his ability to adapt to different game situations and make impactful plays, Jackson is poised to make a mark in the Atlanta Celtics loaded schedule. College coaches be sure not to miss out on witnessing his talent firsthand.


Braden Moore | GA Canes | 6’0” | Lee County (GA)

Braden Moore had the ball on a string. He made good reads and consistently swung the ball to hit the open man. When he went into scoring mode Moore knocked down mid-range shots and attacked downhill exploiting mismatches. His agility and quick decision-making allowed him to evade defenders. Moore will be an asset at the next level with the way he reads the game.


Joseph Fuller | FEA | 5’10” | Marietta HS (GA)

Fuller’s jumper was consistent and effective which kept FEA in games and helped them win a couple. It wasn’t just his shooting touch, but his range as well. When teams began to react to his sharpshooting Fuller demonstrated his versatility on the court by effectively driving to the basket and creating scoring opportunities for his team. Mixing up his playmaking ways was pivotal for FEA’s success. 


Tamiel Green | Team Huncho | 6’11” | Wilson Academy (GA)

Green’s recent performance at the Atlanta Classic showcased his all-around skill set for a big that plays out of the paint. As a towering figure at 6’11”, Green dominates the paint with his strong presence and elite footwork. His ability to distribute the ball effectively from the post adds another dimension to his offensive game. College coaches seeking a well-rounded big man, meet Tamiel Green.


Mekhi Ragland | Team Huncho | 6’10” | Berkmar HS (GA)

Ragland has good size at 6’10” and is constantly developing his body and game. A graceful evolution in Ragland’s game. The New Jersey native showcases a refined shooting technique and remarkable footwork close to the basket. His playing style encompasses both interior and perimeter capabilities, yet he does not solely rely on long-range shooting. It is evident that Ragland comprehends and effectively utilizes his physical advantages on the court. Modern day big to build around for a program. 


Troy Boswell Jr | 1 Family | 6’5” | Winter Haven HS (FL)

The eye test confirms Boswell Jr has an incredible vertical leap. He might’ve had the dunk of the Atlanta Classic. His ability to soar above others on the court gives him a significant advantage in both offense and defense, because he gets off the floor so quickly it’s tough to contain or match that athleticism. Opponents are advised to exercise caution when challenging him in the air. Boswell Jr can also step out and shoot the three-ball at a high clip. 


Christian McAllister | EYA | 6’4” | Fayette County HS (GA)

McAllister is one of the most athletic guards in his class within the state. If you blink you might miss him. He showcased his remarkable vertical leap at the Atlanta Classic. His skill set is further accentuated by his elite quick twitches, allowing him to react swiftly and decisively during gameplay. He is dynamic out of pick and roll action. McAllister can fill the stat sheet up quickly. 


Jeremiah Waters | Hype Hawks | 6’4” | Osborne HS (GA)

 Waters is a 6’4” guard with a smooth game. He has a high basketball IQ and plays at both ends of the floor. Waters has an offer from Kennesaw State. His ability to read and react quickly will translate well as he approaches the next level. He has good size, quickness and shooting ability. Waters checks the boxes.


Elijah woods | NGU | 6’0” Sonoraville HS (GA)

Woods took control over the games with his up and down tempo he set. He’s a fluid scorer across all three levels of the court, who displays the ability to adapt and excel in various game situations. Woods is a true gamer with a playing style most coaches will love. 


Ryheim Manning | Gold Elite | 6’6” | Windsor Forest HS (GA)

 Manning has good size at 6’6” and possesses the athleticism that players dream of. Manning’s ability to run in the open floor and finish plays will have a lot of eyes on him this summer. He converted numerous lead passes into powerful dunks throughout the Atlanta Classic. Manning has a commanding presence on both offense and defense.


David Culbreath | Charge Academy | 6’0” | Berkmar HS (GA)

Culbreath was one of the most intriguing guards at the Atlanta Classic. He has a sweet in-between game which allows him to open the game up for himself and his team. His versatility and impact during games speaks to his ability to adapt opponent to opponent. Culbreath’s change of pace aligned with his team’s preferred style of play simply made the game easier for everyone. Buy stock now.