OTR Super 64 Camp – Standouts Part II – August 31, 2023

LAWRENCEVILLE, Georgia, – The OTR Super 64 is the place for the top prospects in the state of Georgia to show their talents months before the high school season begins. The 2023 edition of the camp was filled with talent as usual. Here is a second look at the talent that caught our attention on Sunday afternoon.

By: Jonathan Hemingway

Christian Fraiser – Cambridge High School – 2026

Fraiser carved out a nice afternoon for himself at the camp. He attacked the hoop off the dribble with determination and proved he can make plays amongst the most talented. He also showed expert level footwork to get his shot off when the help defense rotated towards his rim attack. He splashed a tough fadeaway jumper that raised eyebrows from those watching. Coach David Akin will look to utilize these skills in his program this winter.

Ramon Soyoye – Chapel Hill High School – 2024

There is no question that Soyoye will be one of the most pursued post players in the Southeast this fall. He is a well built 6-foot-10 center that has all the athletic tools you would want in a collegiate prospect. He runs the floor smoothly and he snags rebounds with strength. The AE5 product flushes dunks with authority in the paint. He is primed for a big year under the direction of coach Mike Artis.

Jay Green – Thompson (Alabama) – 2026

Green was one of the better underclass point guards at the camp. His diversity of skills stood out during competitive game play. His game is primed by aggressive defense. He harasses opposing ball handlers and encourages them to pass rather than attack the lane. He also sticks his nose in on the defensive glass, which is a unique characteristic for guards at this level. He is not afraid to mix it up with bigger and taller opponents. Offensively, Green is an adept slasher and will create on the downhill drive. We also noted his willingness to feed the post and set up interior teammates with the pass. This shows his all-around awareness of how to play the game.

Ryan Kerr – Greenforest – 2027

Greenforest is loaded with talent as usual this year. A new name to watch is Ryan Kerr who joins the roster as a freshman. He has several tools and a wealth of athleticism that points to him being able to contribute this season. He is a 6-7 forward who flashes wing skills. He is long enough to win rebounds in traffic. It was his ability to score in traffic that earned him a spot in the notebook.  He exhibits body control which is exceptional for a kid his size at his age.

Bryce Irby – Greenforest – 2025

Irby is looking to break onto the stage this winter on coach Rory Griffin’s roster. Judging from his performance on Sunday afternoon, he certainly has the talent to be an asset. The 6-2 guard boasts of top-grade athleticism at this level. He is also proficient at knocking down the 3-pointer off the dribble. Given his long arms and quick feet, we expect him to be a force defensively as well.

Temrlade Gegele – Greenforest – 2025

Some players stand out given their energy and the chemistry they create with others. This is precisely what Gegele brought to the floor at the camp. He gives life to the ball as a quick passer and a player who looks to create advantages with angles and ball fakes. We took note of his attitude, and he earns his place in this write up.

Payton Waites – Woodward Academy – 2025

Waits earned recognition with ability to attack and finish at the bucket. He is a good size wing who uses a strong first step to create space with the ball in his hands. There is a lot of room to the upside for Waits as he enters his junior year at Woodward Academy.

Julian Finch – Mill Creek – 2024

Early lists of available seniors in the Metro Atlanta area should include Finch. He presents enough size to play a true wing alongside of ball handling guards. Yet he is quick enough to slide up to a two-guard spot and defend back court guards. He gained attention with his shooting prowess at the camp. He found the open slot around the perimeter and made the most of his opportunities.

Khalid Jones – Tri Cities High School – 2027

Jones should be on all lists of potential impact freshman around the Atlanta area. He is an aggressive point guard who slices up defenders with his dribble moves and raw quickness. Although Jones does not fall to the top of the height category, he does possess some long arms which makes him a pesky defender. He gets his hands on errant passes, which creates turnovers and deflections for disruption of opposing offenses. Jones proved he can go toe-to-toe with upperclassmen in this camp. We will keep an eye open for what he does this season.

Hakeem Weems – Osborne High School – 2025

Weems is the prototype forward you would like on your roster. He is a blue-collar kid who competes and looks to make winning plays. He screens for others willingly and attacks the offensive glass anytime a shot goes up. The junior brings ideal size for his position at 6-9. He will certainly be an asset for the Cardinals this season.

Jonathan Hemingway has been a National Evaluator for On the Radar Hoops since 2013. He has been involved in the basketball community since 1995 as a coach, camp director and evaluator. You can reach him at JLHemingway@gmail.com and follow him on twitter @JL_Hemingway.