OTR Super 64 Camp – Standouts Part III – September 7, 2023

LAWRENCEVILLE, Georgia, – The OTR Super 64 is the place for the top prospects in the state of Georgia to show their talents months before the high school season begins. The 2023 edition of the camp was filled with talent as usual. Here is a third look at the talent that caught our attention on Sunday afternoon.

By: Jonathan Hemingway

Caleb Kawala – Greenforest – 2024

Kawala earned recognition this spring/summer on the OTR circuit with Team Forrest with his consistent interior play. He was a double-double threat each time he took the court. He has soft touch even when he has defenders draped on his forearms. And he knows how to use his body to carve out rebounding angles on either end of the court. Kawala has been in the gym working since the end of the travel season. That was apparent while watching him at Super 64. He showed some ball handling skills and even hit a pull up jumper off a ball screen. This is a new wrinkle to his game. We have made note of it, and we will be paying attention this school season to see what else he has added to his game.

Orion Wilson – Greenforest – 2026

Historically, Greenforest never lacks size along the frontline. Wilson is the latest young talent with size that will suit up for coach Rory Griffin this season. Wilson is a 6-foot-7 wing-forward with long arms and light feet. He showed the ability to run the court and finish on the move during the camp. He has a lot of the physical tools you would love to see in a sophomore frontline player. He is still putting it together, but there should be a lot of optimism around this young man’s game.

Noah Jones – New Manchester High School – 2027

This camp is an ideal spot for new names to emerge into the collective consciousness of scouts and potentially college coaches. Jones is a player that made the most of his time on Sunday afternoon. The young point guard is still maturing physically, but he presents a game that is developed beyond his age. He did a great job of keeping his eyes up and delivered timely passes to cutting teammates. His instincts stood out during the competition portion of the camp.

Jalen Wingfield – Thomas County Central – 2026

Wingfield was back at it at the Super 64 Camp just as he was at the Breakout Camp. Although listed as a forward, the sophomore will act as a lead playmaker in the half court. He used his length and long strides to turn the corner and score in traffic. He showed agility by finishing off one foot in the lane as well. The South Georgia product is trending upward after last month’s tour of OTR camps.

Janon Singh – Berkmar – 2027

Singh stood out at the camp with his terrific size and athleticism. He is a 6-6 wing who is an aggressive slasher with the ball in his hands. His long arms allow him to disrupt on the defensive end. The package of skills and natural ability make him a great two-way player.

Devin Moise – McEachern High School – 2024

Look for Moise to emerge as a top unsigned senior in the Metro area this winter. He has a solid all-around game that is complemented by ideal size and athleticism. The 6-6 wing is a confident ball handler who can make plays in isolation situations. We did not see a hole in his game at the camp. We will pay attention this high school season if this translates into consistent production.

Tallie Webber – Pebblebrook High School – 2025

Webber is an up-and-coming name in the Atlanta area. The junior point guard brings size and a twitchy quickness with the ball in his hands. At 6-3 he should have height that allows him to see over smaller defenders at the point position. Yet he does not give up any quickness with the added height. He proved he can turn the corner and make plays amid the best at the camp.

Caleb Wells – Seckineger – 2027

Wells was one of the younger prospects at the camp. He stood out despite playing against several upperclassmen. The freshman forward presents good size and nice versatility for his position. We were impressed by his ability to get downhill with the drive to finish at the rim. This combo of skills and athleticism points to a hopeful future.

Whitfield Hyde – Dunwoody High School – 2025

Hyde had a solid showing during the camp. He stuck to his role and flourished as a versatile complimentary wing. The 6-7 wing shoots it well from range and has ball skills that are necessary to work the ball side to side within a half-court offense. He did not show lead play-maker skills, but at this stage that is irrelevant. He is productive in his role and projects as a recruitable prospect to the collegiate level.

Kevin ‘KJ’ Harper – Greenforest – 2025

Harper is a player that we will track as he heads into his junior year. He proved to be a capable ball handler that played with confidence during the event. He also sported a terrific jumper during the drills. His footwork is sound, and the ball comes out high in his release. As noted below, his skills allow him to play either guard spot.

Jonathan Hemingway has been a National Evaluator for On the Radar Hoops since 2013. He has been involved in the basketball community since 1995 as a coach, camp director and evaluator. You can reach him at JLHemingway@gmail.com and follow him on twitter @JL_Hemingway.