OTR Sweet 16 Session II Standouts – FINAL EDITION – May 10, 2023

MARIETTA, Georgia, – Session II of the OTR Sweet 16 kicked off with a bang on Friday night and did not let up until early Sunday evening. Teams from across the Southeast made their home in Northwest Metro Atlanta for the weekend hoping to earn some time in front of college coaches during the NCAA viewing period. Here is a final list of standouts from the weekend.

By: Jonathan Hemingway

=The Showtime Ballers found a way to impose the will physically upon their opponents during the live period. Class of 2023 wing Mister Dean could be found right in the middle of that fray usually. He is a 6-foot-6 athlete that attacks the rim and causes all sorts of havoc when he is on the defensive end. Dean is a physical specimen and ready for the collegiate level.

We took note of class of 2024 point guard Ameer Ramadan from Southeast Elite during the live period. While Ramadan may not have led his team in any one statistical category, outside of possibly assists, he could be found at the heart of whatever success his team was having on that day. He heads up the ball handling duties and is ready to make a play off the dribble when necessary. There is a quality that Ramadan brings to the court which is both energetic and settling all at once.

Class of 2024 guard Luke Brooks earned recognition with his shooting ability on Saturday morning with AE5. He is a good size back court player with shooting range. Brooks could be classified as a specialist at this level and at the next. However, he has some size (6-3) and a bit of athleticism that could be developed to help him become a solid all-around player.

Class of 2024 guard Braden Hershberger jumped off the court onto the radar last weekend with KST. He lists himself as a 6-1 prospect on his twitter profile, but his long arms and springy legs give him the appearance of being a prospect of a bit more length. He shot the ball well from the perimeter. However, it was his touch around the bucket off the move that raised our eyebrows. The South Carolina native looks to have an upside to the next level.

Georgia Legacy has a roster full of producers. They have guys that could be stars on their own team, but everyone seems to work together for the best outcome more times than not. Guillermo Esparza Rodriguez is one of those guys that does not need the limelight nor the primary touches to be productive. While Rodriguez is very capable of shooting the ball well from distance, it is his physicality and work ethic that make him an asset for his team. He is a guy who can snag rebounds or defend his position around the arc. Versatility and hustle are a great combination to find.

Jonathan Hemingway has been a National Evaluator for On the Radar Hoops since 2013. He has been involved in the basketball community since 1995 as a coach, camp director and evaluator. You can reach him at JLHemingway@gmail.com and follow him on twitter @JL_Hemingway.