OTR The Opening (Daytona) Names to Know – April 7, 2023

Names to Know- Daytona The Opening

By: Josh Folds

25’ Patrick Johnson 6’8 ( SWFL Hoops Red)

Johnson has a college ready frame at only 15 years old and is a name to know asap. Patrick caused a lot of chatter this past weekend in Daytona where you would constantly hear people asking ‘who is that number 14 kid?’ Patrick is going to garner a lot of attention in a short amount of time. This young man is a force in the paint and has great instincts. He plays with great confidence and shows a mature skill set beyond his years. I am excited to watch this prospect as the upside is dangerous.

26’ Collin Paul 6’7  (Harris Athletics)

Already holding a D1 offer at 15 years old, this is another young man who made his presence felt at the Opening in Daytona. His 15u Harris Athletics team played up in the 17u division and Collin more than held his own against players much older than him. Collin displayed solid footwork and above average ball handling for a player of his size. Collin showed strong poise and was a rim protector around the paint. I applaud this group for playing up 2 divisions as it will only accelerate players like Collin’s overall development.

26’ Javian Cleveland (Harris Athletics)

Javian was another standout from this loaded 15u team. I saw he lit up a 17u team from all over the floor. What I liked most is he did not settle, but he would constantly work to find the best shot selection and not force bad looks. Most players his age shoot a ton of 3’s Javian showed he can consistently hit the open mid-range which was a great part of his game to see. He was definitely one of the most talented players I have seen at his age. I am excited to keep tabs on his growth and progress.

24’ Dillon Costello (PSB Tampa 17u Elite)

Dillion does it all for you while he is on the court. He is a versatile player who always finds himself around the ball. He plays with a nonstop motor and I loved watching his passion for the game. Whatever the coach needs he is ready to do and does it while energizing the rest of his teammates. I have seen him a few times now and every time I see him play he simply gets better.

24’ Colin Kearns 6’8 (Q6 All Stars)

Colin was one of the best rebounders I saw all weekend. Averaging over 12 rebounds with 3 blocks a game, Colin was a rim protector and a force on the boards. Colin also displayed confidence on the offensive end scoring and dishing to the ball to his teammates. Colin is fundamentally sound and had a solid overall weekend. Q6 is loaded with 17u talent and will be a fun team to watch throughout the travel season.

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