OTR’s Player Watchlist – Part 2

Atlanta, Ga – As the opening weekend of action approaches, we’re taking a look at 15 players to watch and breaking down what makes them special. We started with 5 yesterday, we continue with 5 more today and will finish up in time for the evening tipoffs Friday night (in no particular order).

RJ Godfrey | 6-7 | SF | North Gwinnett | 2022 (Signed with Clemson)

Just committed to the Tigers yesterday and it represents another terrific get for HC Brad Brownell and crew up there as he joins Grayson’s Chauncey Wiggins from the GA 2022 class and will get assimilation assistance from 2021 Grayson grad and current Clemson freshman Ian Schiefflin when he arrives. As for what the Tigers have landed, anyone who has watched Godfrey understands his growth and how he has utilized a great attitude and disposition to win friends and admirers who appreciate his versatile face the basket game or close to the block power finishing.

Kanaan Carlyle | 6-2 | CG | Milton | 2023

Much like Bruce Thornton 2 years ago Carlyle was already a young and impressive contributor for Milton at an early stage, showing off all kinds of confidence and big-shot ability even as a freshman. Jump to Fall ’21, and he has firmly entrenched himself as one of the 2023 class’ best guards nationally, and as his body has matured so has his all-court game as an offensive maestro. Underrated is his tremendous defense, showing a real knack for seeing the play before it happens and getting up into you on the ball. Has announced his final five schools of Auburn, Baylor, Florida, Kansas and Stanford.

Aidan Hadaway | 6-7 | SF | LaFayette | 2022 (Signed with Ohio University)

The meteoric rise of Hadaway is one of the great stories in the state of GA is near-legendary on the grassroots scene, as pre-Covid he wasn’t on a lot of Watch Lists, but playing with a chip as most the ATL Timberwolves organization members are noted for, he let his dynamic play do the talking and it became a scenario where he was just too good to overlook. Love the work off the bounce as he can slice you up and use either hand near the rim, and he fights on the glass as if rebounds count for points. Will join 2020 Lambert grad Colin Granger in Athens, OH next fall.

Malique Ewin | 6-10 | PF | Berkmar | 2022 (Signed with Ole Miss)

There’s such a hunger when your talk to Ewin and other core returning seniors at Berkmar about the sting from last year’s 7A finals loss to Milton and the itch to get back and finish it right. What made Ewin an easy SEC-level choice (one who’ll join Heritage’s James White there next year) was not just the Power 5 measurables but the expansion of his game out past the 3-pt line as a legit % threat from that distance, because the nimble and creative activity closer to the basket was already a huge problem for foes. Great timing as a shot-blocker means for the Rebels he can help them at multiple spots, another easy reason HC Kermit Davis came calling.

Tyrese Elliott | 6-2 | PG | Grayson | 2022 (Signed with NC A&T)

I distinctly remember turning to a Scouting colleague 2 years ago when Elliott first emerged on the local scene from Alabama and asked him who this shifty guard was who was blowing by some of ATL’s best talent, and his reply of  “some guy from Alabama”, still makes me laugh today. That “some guy” certainly stamped his name onto our collective Scouting brains pretty quickly thereafter, and such was the impact Elliott had on observers. Before joining 2021 Greenforest forward Jaylen Jackson in Greensboro, the senior again has the ball in his hands for one of the state’s power programs, with a chance to use that shiftiness and explosive blow-by ability to help lead the Rams to a 7A title.