#OTRSweet16 Session 2 – Friday Eye-Catchers (Marietta HS)

MARIETTA, GA – After both a terrific turnout and great results in both coaching attendance and completion level during Session 1, OTR put on its second monster Live Period event of April with 250+ teams once again at Session 2 this past weekend.

With more evaluators spread out over more locations, we were able to cover more ground than ever, and I spent Friday night at Marietta HS. Here are some guys who were hard to miss:

By: Keith Agran

Dexter Holloman | SG | Tri-City Elite | 2023 (pictured above)

Absolutely unmissable last summer as well as the 6-2 guard from Chattahoochee County has only gotten better and reminds me quite a bit of 2022 Dominik Henderson out of Monroe, he can play the above the rim game and appear bigger due to the lift but it’s just an affirmation of his exceptional athletic ability as there is much more than just high-flying, love the effort level as he goes on the attack, defends and rebounds, definitely a next-level talent who should be watched down outside of Columbus.

Vasean Moody | SF | Tri-City Elite | 2023

Vasean Moody

Like Holloman Moody has been getting it done for the Tri-City family for years now and this organization always does a great job of coming northward from the Columbus-area and beating folks, Moody packs a punch with some mass to push folks around but has pretty good quickness and plenty of scoring variety in close, where the Spencer HS hybrid 6-2 G/F really makes his hay is at the arc where he’s got a super soft jumper from 20+ and often draws the bigs that end up guarding him out that way.

Jayden Williams & Amare Banks | SG & PG | Champions Chance | both 2023

Jayden Williams

This Collins Hill pair both looked solid Friday night, I like what this duo could be next year as Banks looks ready to step into the PG role vacated by 2022 Kaden McArthur and I love how he pushes pace and gets at the basket, Williams is a pure knockdown threat from multiple ranges but kind of slyly waits for folks to over-commit on the jumper and has foot speed to get by you, new staff at Collins Hill has plenty to work with with these two and beyond.

Luke Strickland | SG | Champions Chance | 2023

Luke Strickland

The current Vertical Academy product is from the Parkview area and can really shoot the rock from distance as he was noticeable when I saw him work out in March as well, quick release and hands at the ready always, not stuck at the arc though as he can put it on the floor some and has good size around 6-3 and good lateral movement to be effective guarding both guard spots, hustle and IQ make him stand out as well and he fits well with this Champions Chance crew that will find him for shots.

Destin Logan | SG | TSF Elite Slone | 2023

Destin Logan

Recently reclassed to 2023 and that should benefit him as he’s put the work in on his college-ready body to go with a versatile and athletic game that also screams college-ready, the lefty can sky over folks at 6-5 coming downhill off the wing but also excels from distance where his shot has become a big-time weapon over the last 2 years, you can see the maturity in his game and his enthusiasm and fire has never been in question, love the possibilities here for where he can land as he was the easily the best player in the gym Friday night.

Marvin Golf, Jr | SF | Lake Worth Pride | 2023

Marvin Golf, Jr

Lake Worth (FL) High’s own Golf popped right away with his combination of endless hustle and intriguing positional possibilities at 6-3, plays more like a forward and certainly has the leaping ability to match guys bigger than him, when you add the work rate and activity it’s easy to see why he’s a riser in the Sunshine State, I kept coming back to picturing him as your swiss army knife kind of guy for a next-level program (reminded a little of a slightly smaller Cris Carroll of TSF Elite Slone and Osborne HS here in GA playing right next to him Friday) and that always catches my eye in a more positionless environment than at any time before.

RJ Tolbert | SG/SF | Holiday Hoops Reloaded | 2023

RJ Tolbert

Both at OTR’s The Florida Opening and at Marietta Friday night Tolbert stood out and plays a whole lot bigger than his listed 6-1, the way he absorbs and gets through contact makes him seem like a guy 6-5 and bred for the frontline, also doesn’t spend a ton of time launching deep shots so once again as he plays that physical brand of drive-game it all appears more forward-like, whatever label you want to put on him he again was superb on a good Holiday Hoops team and combines the all-go effort on the glass and on D with good skill at more than one level.

Rontavious Blackshear | SG | Georgia Knights | 2023

Rontavious Blackshear

Caught Blackshear with Atlanta’s WD Mohammed back at Holiday Hoopsgiving in November and he had a star turn that day playing in a lineup with other studs like Bilal Abdur-Rahman and Amir Boyce, love the size at around 6-5 with superb length that allows long strides on the drive and possessing long arms to be a really effective rebounding guard, the shot is pure and pretty in form and when he turns on the juice he can be some kind of handful to stop as there’s scoring variety with either hand and at any level, a real sleeper prospect around town.

Sam Gailey | PG | Hoop Atlanta | 2023

Sam Gailey

Had just seen Hoop ATL work out a few nights earlier and the North Hall product intrigued at first viewing, Friday night he was the real deal as a lead guard as he made excellent decisions and showed the kind of leadership chops in travel ball that is tricky with mixed rosters, there were hustle plays and scoring both at the basket and with a polished jumper from 15+, the defense was notable all game and he played a role late in the game-sealing steal, 6-1 but solidly built this is a Hall County guard to keep an eye on.

Will Hunter | PF | Hoop Atlanta | 2023

Will Hunter

Got to know the Midtown HS program late last season seeing them a couple of times and a bunch of guys have had good springs so far and you can add Hunter to that, absolutely feasts in the mid-range with a good J from 15 feet in and some floater and baby hook action as well, the activity and work rate are particularly high on the boards at both ends at 6-6 and strong he will readily bang but is a plenty good enough athlete to face up and get by you, a well-drilled defender, potentially set to emerge this summer and into next fall as he’ll be a much bigger piece of Midtown’s frontline plans next season.

Keith Agran has lived in Georgia since 2011 and joined OTR as a National Evaluator in 2021. He previously scouted for Prep Hoops dating back to 2019 and has both a championship-coaching background on the HS-level and daily newspaper writing experience, both from New Jersey. You can reach him at keithagran1@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter @BracketSage.